Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Blessed...Blogs of the Month

Yep, it's that time again. If you haven't already noticed the left side of my blog - it's time you did. This is the part of my blog-real-estate that I use for my monthly blogging hall of fame.

Pay attention to the left side of's here I highlight seven blogs each month. You will discover blogs that inspire, encourage, make you laugh and sometimes even make you cry, right over there at your finger tips. Take the time to peruse their sites and get to know some of these precious people.

I look forward to having all of you there soon. But, if you're impatient like me and just can't wait, then hop on over to my BlogFrog thingamajiggy on the right side there and check out my blogroll. Make sure to add your name to the list. That way, people don't have to wait, they can visit you today.

Now, take your cursor and make a sharp left turn and check out my Blessed...blogs of the month list. I hope you have your comfy shoes on - pop on over and pay a visit to all of these Blessed... blogs. And make sure to tell them Joanne sent ya!


Denise said...

Such awesome blogs sweetie.

Mari said...

I think this is such a fun thing you do. Thanks!

Faye said...

My sweet Joanne,Thank-u so much,I am the one blessed to have you! Love Faye

Mary said...

How sweet you are to put my blog on this list. I'm honored! Can't wait to meet you at the Free to be Me! conference!!

Sheryl said...

thank you, joanne!

i also love finding new blogs to read - think it's great idea what you do each month.

LauraLee Shaw said...

Thank you so much for highlighting Selah~ Pause. Ponder. Praise.

What a blessing you added to my day! And your blog is beautiful. Can't wait to take a peak around. ;)


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