Tuesday, September 22, 2009

How much are you worth?

Do you see this handsome young man here? (Please overlook the pink elephantine ears, they aren't really his.) Samuel had an important question for his father and I today.

His 8 -year-old perfect timing = smack dab in the middle of The Dollar Store.

Samuel: How much does a foster kid cost?

Me: What???

Samuel: How much does a foster kid cost? My new friend in class is a foster kid. He doesn't have a family, Mom. Do you and Dad have enough money to buy him?

Dad: Well, I'm not sure if we do son. Have you thought this through Samuel? If you had someone living with us your age you would have to share your room.

Samuel: I don't care Dad. I feel bad he doesn't have a family.

Me: (Trying to keep my composure.) So, how much do you think your friend costs?

Samuel: He doesn't know. He said he thinks he is free, but he's going to ask his foster family tonight. He's going to tell me tomorrow how much he's worth.

That was all it took. On came the water-works, crying right there in the middle of the gift wrap aisle at The Dollar Store.

I couldn't wrap my head around the fact that this precious child was trying to figure out what he was worth. His greatest desire...to belong to someone who would love him.

Friends, how many times have we felt worthless? Each time we feel this way, God is watching us and wondering how we don't know, why we don't understand just how much we are worth to Him.

Do you realize how precious you are to the Lord? He tells us our worth is far above rubies. (Prov. 31:10) Your value to God makes the Hope Diamond look like a gumball trinket.

The God of the universe bought you with a price, His one and only son. What kind of love is this? A love that cannot be measured. You are worth it all to Him.

Pray Samuel's friend learns this too.

"For you were bought at a price..." 1Cor.6:19


The Real Me! said...

Okay Joanne, You succeeded in bring the tears to the ol' eyes. What a blessing for your son to think of another child that way. I would have been a mess in the store too.

Beautiful post. An added blessing to my day. Thank you!

Susan Panzica - EternityCafe said...

Love this story. What a beautiful heart your son has.
I just heard a great message on Saturday in NYC called "What Are You Worth" at a big outreach in NYC. Bob Coy could have used your son for inspiration!
I'd love to use this story as in illustration in my chapter on "i am precious".

summur braley said...

Oh my what a good devotion! I didn't expect to be balling this early in the morning!
Praying for your sons friend!

a portland granny said...

Isn't that little foster boy fortunate to have a friend like Samuel? What a touching, heart-wrenching story. I know your family will, in some way, befriend this child through Samuel.

Thanks for sharing this sweet story. May this little boy learn of his great worth to the Savior.

Mari said...

You and Samuel have touched me today. What a heart Samuel has and how blessed this boy is to have him as a friend.

Karen said...

Out of the mouths of babes...what a sweet heart your child has...I pray his friend's foster family lets this precious boy know his true worth...your reflection on this touched my heart today....

Angie said...

This guy is YOU all over the place! How incredible that he has such LOVE from the Father for OTHERS!

Denise said...

This truly touched my heart.

Runner Mom said...

How precious! I will be praying for this darlin' child. Oh, how this touched my heart.


Beth in NC said...

Oh Joanne. How sad and how sweet. God bless your son for the mercy in his heart. And may this young man find a Christian family who will nurture and disciple him.

Kristen said...

oh my goodness this gave me chills. For a poor 8 yr old child to ask how much he costs? That makes me so sad and I pray that he finds a family and realizes how much he is loved by his Heavenly Father.

LisaShaw said...

Half of me is crying reading this and half of me is smiling. Your son has a heart after the Father. What a precious child!

My heart aches for his friend and I pray for all children and adults to know their worth in CHRIST even when life doesn't seem to treat us with value but GOD always does.

Thanks for sharing this tender story. May the LORD's love embrace them all.

Paula (SweetPea) said...

This is absolutely priceless. The mind of a child is so innocent, pure, and precious.

Anonymous said...

what a beautiful story, Joanne!
how sweet of your little boy to think of this boy that needs a permanent home. makes you think, doesn't it?!? you are raising your kids in such a way that inspires me!

Barbie said...

WOW, I was getting ready to go to bed, and I happened upon this blog and your story. I can only pray that this young boy will find a loving, Christian family and realize how very much he is worth.fli


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