Friday, December 4, 2009

Susan Boyle dreamed a dream. What about you?

Susan Boyle. You know the name. You know the face. And you definitely know the voice. Susan has gone on to sell more than 701,000 copies of her first ever CD, since being released November 23rd, blowing the tops off of sales records held by Eminem and U2.

Susan dreamed a dream.

Born and raised in one of the poorest parts of Scotland, her voice was perfected in her church choir and at local pubs. At the age of 47, single, unemployed, with her parents now deceased, she pursued her dream.

If you are one of the millions who have watched her YouTube performance, you've seen this un-Hollywood-type step out onto the stage, and while being ridiculed and mocked...fulfill her dream.

What is your dream? What fire once raged in your heart, passionately desiring to be fulfilled?

Why aren't you pursuing it now?

Friends, God LOVES to make the impossible possible. He desires to do the extraordinary with the ordinary. As long as you are alive, as long as there is a breath in your body, keep your dream alive. Never let age, appearance, or ability steal your dream.


Susan Boyle would tell you she is ordinary. God would tell you she's extraordinary.

What about you?

What happened to the dream you dreamed?

Blessed is she who believed what the Lord said to her will be accomplished.
Luke 1:45


Denise said...

Bless you for sharing this post.

The Real Me! said...

This is so true. I think sometimes we get complacent and forget to dream. Some of my favorite times are when my husband and I "dream" together. Some of them we are pursuing so it's exciting.
Big hugs

Lauren said...

This is such a neat post - I love it! My dream is so close to becoming reality these days. I have always dreamed of being a mommy. I have longed to hear that words for years. God had a different plan of how He wanted to fulfill that. INow that we're in the adoption process I feel like we're getting one step closer every day! :)

Runner Mom said...

Loved this! And, I love Lauren's comment above! How precious! It's all about faith..pure and simple...and God will provide opportunities for those dreams to become reality.

Thanks for your comment on my blog...feel free to use that idea!! And, I have another idea! I would love to do a favorite Christmas recipe swap next week!! Only thing is, I don't know how to do Mr. Linky! Any thoughts on joining me?? If not, that's fine. Have a great day!


Erin said...

Great post! I love to hear happy stories. There is so much bad news around us that we need to remember the good stuff.

My dream is to write a book. About what? Who knows...I just LOVE books and would like to turn that love into a career. So when I grow up (lol) I would like be an author!

Karen said...

What great encourgement! Those steps of faith make all the difference.....

christy rose said...

Dreaming God's dream! And enjoying the pathways that I am traveling on the way there!

Sometimes, I think that is where people lose their way. They grab up the dream but then forget to enjoy the pathways getting there. Thinking that the dream should be reality, immediately, they shun the pathways, get frustrated and give up. But, the truth is the pathways get us to the dream and those pathways prepare us to be ready when the dream is manifested in our lives. God knows what He is doing. He will bring to completion that which He began in our hearts as we trust the Him in the pathways that He prepares for us to get there.
This was a great post Joanne! :)

sarah said...

I love what you wrote here and I watched her again on youtube after reading this. It is pretty amazing. Thank you for this. Have a great weekend. Sarah

Prayer Girl said...

Susan Boyle is truly an example of God's ability to bring dreams into reality.

In my own way, I have experienced what you describe. It changed my life.


Beth.. One Blessed Nana said...

I am so happy for Susan Boyle - she is very talented and I pray that she will have a blessed life and always remember to praise her Savior!

Joanne@ Blessed... said...

I am LOVIN reading your dreams! And yes CHristy, enjoying the journey there is part of the fun. Great point.

Mary R Snyder said...

Joanne -- love this post and the heart behind it. I AM pursuing the lover of my soul and in that I'm on an amazing adventure with more twists and turns than a corkscrew rollercoaster -- but I'm LOVING this journey.

Today, I'm on the edge of some new stuff. Exciting and challenging!

Tea With Tiffany said...

I'm a dreamer. :) That's maybe why I don't get much done. I'm too busy imagining the possibilities and not DOING the dream.

Thank you for the encouragement.

Pray I get busy doing in 2010. I took 2009 off and I know it's time to move forward again.

LisaShaw said...

Great encouragement!

I'm living some of my dreams and others I'm still dreaming and I won't give up because they are dreams the LORD has placed in me.

Blessings dear sister. Love you.

Chicago Property Management said...

Thank you for this encouraging post. I also sing in church. And I would like to have a break like Susan had. But I guess, God has a plan for me different from Susan. Whatever that is, I know it is something to look forward to, and will give glory to God.


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