Monday, February 22, 2010

Blessed Guest - Mary Snyder

I'm a Blessed Guest!

My Blessed Guest today is a hoot. We met in Florida last year, while speaking at a bloggers retreat. Mary Snyder is both a Christian author and speaker. She's also a proud Alabama girl who showed me the ropes when it comes to looking like a skinny-minnie in a photo shoot.

How could you not LOVE a woman like that?

Mary is insanely talented. She does pretty much everything; books, conferences, cruises...but I don't want to spoil all the fun. I have a feeling she may fill ya'll in herself.

(Did you catch that YA'LL back there Mary? I'm going to impress you this year with my Cali-twang!)

So, without any further adieu, please give a round of comments to my friend, Mary Snyder.

Alright Mary, I guess I forgot to mention you blog too. I can't keep up with you. So, please tell us how you began blogging?

I wish I had that great story about how I wanted to make a difference or how I wanted to journal the lives of my children, but I don't. My agent suggested I start a blog as I was finishing up my book, Girlfriends, God, & Grace: How to Have a Great Girlfriend Adventure. I fell head over heels in love with the blogging world.

The book was canceled before it made it to print, but the blog stuck. And I'm loving every minute of it.

What do you/ don't you love about it?

I LOVE the blogging community. I love the writing. I love the instant connection to people. As a writer, it takes time to connect and this is tough on this extroverted people lover. Blogging gives me that sense of community and connectedness.

What has surprised you the most about blogging?

The people I've met. Seems like this is a them for me. I assumed, like many people do or did, that the Internet is full of weird people -- and we do have our share of strange ones -- but overall I've met incredible women who love the Lord and want to serve Him.

Bloggers are usually writers. Do you write anywhere else or for anyone else?

I am a writer with over 10 years experience freelancing. Right now, I'm blogging for Premier Christian Cruise's Girls Get-A-Way cruise ( ) and Extraordinary Women ( ). I'm also working on a new publisher for that book that started the whole blogging adventure. I just LOVE how the Lord works. He took me on this long path to reach this new place of service and joy -- blogging. How he blesses me daily!

Do you use your blog for your ministry?

In some ways. My blog is not a ministry blog, but I do talk a lot about ministry and service to God. I also talk about scripture and how knowing Jesus has made me whole. I encourage and support ministries on my blog.

Also, as a speaker / teacher my blog is a way for people to find me and connect with me. It's just another way to reach people for Jesus.

Who are a few of your favorite blogs to read?

This one, of course!

Also, I love

Wait, I'm going to look in my reader .....

Lisa McKay's

Jenny B Jones

Melinda Garman's (my friend and ministry partner)

Pete Wilson (pastor of CrossPoint in Tn)

My funny friend Brandi's (gotta love that blog name!)

My & Melinda's new ministry adventure, Birthing GIRL (girlfriends In Real Life) Meeting God together on the other side of the screen

And Oh, I could just go on and on and on ... but I won't. And you're welcome.

Have you ever met your blog-friends in person? If so, which ones?

Oh, I've met so many....I started listing them and I'm SO AFRAID that I'll leave one off I just erased it all. I've been truly blessed with meeting so many of my blogging buddies. I met you just last year at the Bloggers' Retreat and what a blessing that was!

I met my ministry partner, Melinda Garman, at an event in Atlanta in 2009 and a year later we are in ministry together. God is so good.

How about some tried and true blog randomness:

Do you have a favorite scripture?

May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit. .Romans 15:13 (NIV)

That's what I want -- to OVERFLOW with hope in Him!

What would surprise us about you?

Hmm, probably not much. My freelance writing career was focused on the financial industry. I've also been quoted on MSN, in the Wall Street Journal, Ladies Home Journal and a host of other publications and sites about financial impact of one income families. My first book was "You CAN Afford to Stay Home with Your Kids."

What's your favorite flavored potato chip?


Favorite thing to do with your family?

Just hang out together talking and laughing.

What book is on your nightstand right now?

Oh my.... let me look. Right now I'm reading unChristian What a New Generation Really Thinks about Christianity. .. and Why It Matters by David Kinnaman, Gabe Lyons

Last food you ate?

Peppermint Patty .... that's a food, right?

When was the last time you played the air guitar?

Last night at my daughter's high school pageant. I did a scaled down version when Bohemian Rhapsody came on.

I bet you play a mean rendition too. Thanks for stopping by Mary. I am glad you gave others around here the chance to get to know you.

By the way, I'm looking forward to another late-night gab-session in Florida this October. Are you game?



Denise said...

Fun interview.

The Real Me! said...

Oh what a great interview. It was very nice to meet you Mary.

Lauren said...

what a fun interview!! I am headed off to check her out! :)

Angie said...

I could JUST HEAR that sweet girl talking!

Loved this!!!

LisaShaw said...

Love ya Mary!

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

Yes, you CAN afford to stay at home with your kids. I've done it for years; I've also done without some stuff, Mary, but nothing I can honestly say I've regretted or missed.

Another great interview, Joanne. Is this about over? I'm exhausted:)


Mari said...

She sounds like so much fun! I want to know how to looks skinny in a photo shoot too!

Mary R Snyder said...

Joanne - you are just so much FUN! Let's hang out together SOON! If it wasn't for those miles between us.

And yes, girl, I caught that y'all! Well played my dear, you are a fast learner.

Alicia, The Snowflake said...

How fun! It was nice to meet you Mary. Now I'll have to go check out her blog. Thanks for introducing Mary to us, Joanne!

Anonymous said...

Mary is a very talented lady with such overflowing love for the Lord. She never meets a stranger and you know right away that her heart is to be obedient as she serves the Lord daily. This is the reason she has so many fun adventures! Mary is blessed and she knows the one who blesses. Praise the Lord for sweet Mary.

christy rose said...

What a great interview! I am going to head over and meet Mary myself. She seems like a ton of fun!!

Lisa @ Stop and Smell the Chocolates said...

I have been blessed to talk with Mary several times on twitter and I LOVE her!! She's inspiring, sweet and funny! :)


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