Thursday, December 9, 2010

Et tu, Christmas? Et tu?

Christmas, what has happened to us? I don't even know you anymore. We used to be so in love. It’s mechanical now between us. I’m going through the motions and so are you. I remember counting the days until you arrived, bigger and bigger each year, filling my heart with excited anticipation.

You know you’ve been the only one. I waited until the turkey was devoured and moldy porch pumpkins were tossed into the trash before playing my Celine Dion Christmas CD, starving my flesh of anything red or tinsly until the appointed time. I thought what we had was special.

You just don’t appreciate me. Yes, that’s it exactly. You smirked when I carried in boughs of green like a pack mule—placing them strategically atop shelves, cabinets and tables, peppering each with sparkly white lights.

Do you even understand how hard I strategize—organizing times and dates with the finesse of an air traffic controller, attempting to make every cookie exchange, holiday sale, Christmas parade and tree lighting ceremony?

What happened? When did our love grow cold?

Was it the Charlie Brown tree purchased once again by the toothless gentleman with the odd tree farm? Crooked, handicapped five dollar trees were tender and even adorably funny twenty years ago…not so much now.

Maybe it was the tinkling crash that woke us up at 4:30am and the carnage I found below, our special ornaments and fragile mementos in a tangled, shattered mess.

It could have been the Christmas party I attended last night in the adorable black dress and shiny red pumps. Two words sweetheart; Casual Dress.

I'm guessing it was when my girlfriend showed up this afternoon with her homemade cookies and her Crest with Tartar Control smile. “I’m done with my Christmas shopping. My gifts are wrapped and under our tree.” Her words rang in my ears like the screaming sirens of a four-alarm fire response.

We need to work at “us” again.


Dawn said...

No comments?!

And this is so worthy, Joanne.

Hope you are able to patch things up soon, before the 25th deadline.

Love this (and your black/red get-up)!

Mary E Hanks said...

Sweet! I like it. I find myself a little in this boat too. It's my first year as an empty-nester. I'm looking for some special Christmasy things for me and my husband to enjoy together. Much different without kiddos around. For me, I'm going to focus on the reason for the season. Blessings...

Amy Sullivan said...

There are so many people writing about this same thing, but I love your creative and original twist! Well done.

Sweet Mummy said...

My hubby is very much where you are right now, too.... It's tough this time of year, sometimes. I love this post.

I found you when searching for info on Adornaments (which apparently aren't available anywhere anymore). Glad to come across your blog!

~ Sweet Mummy
It's OK to be WEIRD!

Mariel said...

thanks for sharing this. I always love your stories :)

Nana's Nuggets said...

Hi! Joanne! just to say~ What a Thought! Loved this post. We all need to be reminded sometimes of just what it is all about! Just Stop and Rest With Jesus! Blessings for a HAppy:) Friday:)


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