Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Random Tidbits

Hope you all had a Merry Christmas! Lots going on in my neck of the woods. I thought I'd give you quick update. Lets see, bullet points may work best here...

  • Meghan was home from college last week. Had a great time together as a family. Home isn't the same when one of my chickadees has flown the coop. Much quieter...and cleaner.
  • Working fast and furious with my publisher to create my book cover. Wow. Never knew this type of thing was so stressful. Hope to unveil it for you next week.
  • If you're in our part of the country this Sunday, Paul and I are teaching at SunHills Community Church. Looking forward to sharing our Grace & Truth Living message with families.
And, here is a little tidbit of random information for those of you who are interested in beginning your very own blog in 2011.

Like I said, random tidbits today.

Anything random in your neck of the woods? Fill me in!


Mari said...

It's great to have all the kids home, isn't it? Andy leaves Monday morning and we've enjoyed every minute!
Looking forward to seeing a book cover when it's done!

Mariel said...

can't wait to see your book cover!! :) it is a STRESSFUL back and forth process, but I have loved every detail---well, mostly! Anyway, my first shipment comes in 2 weeks!! holding that books is like holding that firstborn---except it doesn't smell as sweet!! :)

Chris Pedersen said...

How 'bout tracking down the hospital bill that you knew nothing about until you get a call from a collection agency on Christmas Eve. That's one of the random bits in my neck of the woods...

Lenore Buth at said...

We had two of our daughters and their husbands, plus three of our eight grandchildren here. To me there's nothing sweeter than the sound of family, everyone laughing and talking and laughing and talking, from start to finish. What a blessing to be a mom!

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

Well, a little randomness on this New Year's Eve:

1.Husband currently at Harris Teater looking for Fried Icecream in the Frozen Food section.

2. Will watch A-team with college boys come 9:00 PM.

3. Be rockin in the New Year with Dick Clark and my husband (hope to stay awake).

4. Currently underneath my "zebra fantasy" snuggie on the couch with a roaring fire in the fireplace.

5. Hope to see you in the New Year at some point; if not, hope to see your book cover soon! I CANNOT WAIT!!!!!!!!!!

Love you.



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