Saturday, January 8, 2011

I'm Cheating on Books with My Nook Color

"There's nothing like curling up on the couch with a good book." I told my girlfriend.

She'd been sharing a bunch of nonsense and Tom-foolery about e-readers and how they could be the new wave of the future.

Who was she kidding? I'm a bonafide bookaholic. I resented the fact she thought she knew more than I did about a reading experience.

"I mean, really, it's not the same as smelling a new book, and turning each page or dog-earing a chapter or two for later." I reminded her. "Reading from a computer type-thingy is cold and too techy for me." I added.

Six months later...

"Paul, where's my Nook? I can't find it anywhere!"

"We're only running up to the bank and the post office, Joanne. You don't need your Nook."

"Oh yes I do." I yelled over my shoulder, looking under and in between everything on my kitchen counters. "What if we stop at a red light, what then, huh?"

It's true, I take my Color Nook with me everywhere. I've downloaded everything from Whole Living Magazine to the .99 cent Bible HCSB Version.

Leviticus is downright beautiful this week!

I am officially retracting my statements from six months ago. The ugly techno-reading experience has become a wonderful thing. Have I mentioned the Pandora feature yet? Soothing sounds of Jim Brickman penetrate the silence at bedtime, giving me a reading encounter like no other.

Another benefit is Paul and I belong to approximately seven county libraries for their e-reader books. You borrow a book and two weeks later, whoosh...the library electronically takes the book back. No more library fines or cage fighting-arguments with my children over who didn't return their books.

I'm in love with my Nook Color. I just don't know how to break it to my bookcases at home.

The library book sale is this morning, where Books and I have been meeting every second Saturday of the month for over ten years. It's our special place. My hands are clammy and I'm sick to my stomach, but I'm going to force myself to paste a smile on my face, dab on some lipstick and peruse the aisles. It will be hard to fake the lack of eye contact and the disinterested touch of my hand.

They'll know something has changed between us...yes, they most definitely will know.


Mari said...

I've thought that I would feel funny not reading a "real" book either, but I bet I could overcome that.
I didn't know you could borrow e-books from the library. That was another thing in my argument against Kindle and Nook. And Pandora? What a great bonus!

Desiray said...

I love my Nook my husband got it for me for Christmas, when the nook first came out I asked the sales clerk at Barnes and Nobles do you think this will take away from people coming into the store to read and purchasing books she said no she don't believe so. I enjoy the nook I can change the font I can read my emails on my nook and listen to music, it's amazing what Technology can do these days

Mariel said...

hahaha! I have heard nearly this same testimony over and over about those techy-things!! But, alas, I am (thankfully) too broke to get one, so I carry on in my dream worlds of dog-earred pages and lovely smelling books! :)

Dawn said...

Haven't made the plunge yet. My two favorite places to read are in the tub and on the beach. Not nook friendly.

Pandora's pretty enticing, though. Worthy of betrayal? Maybe....

Angie Knight said...

You crack me up. Really. I can see you now, scouring the kitchen for the new "beloved". :)

You are such a blessing! (I haven't taken the plunge yet either. I like to write in my books, highlight, and point it out to others.)

Joanne@ Blessed... said...


You CAN highlight and bookmark pages on the Nook. has a social media feature that lets you post your highlighted favorite quote from the book to your Facebook or Twitter. I haven't done that yet, I'm still a baby Nook reader.

currently playing: said...

You never cease to make me think and laugh! This is even funnier given that I found your purse this week :)

Mary said...

I'm a Kindle girl and I LOVE MY KINDLE! Yes, I do! And I haven't told my books yet, either. But I think they'll be okay -- it's crowded over in the bookcase

Susan Panzica - EternityCafe said...

I am in the process of researching Nook vs. Kindle. My mom is buying one for my sister and one for me because we were such wonderful daughters (lol) during her recovery (still ongoing actually) after she broke her pelvis. I never thought I'd want one, but now that I'm looking into it, I'm getting most excited!

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

So should I not buy your book:)?

Haven't made the cross-over yet; maybe one day. Right now I'm waiting on Amazon to deliver two new reads to me: "God in the Yard" (LL Barkat)and "Scouting the Divine" (Feinberg). I can't wait to hold them in my hands and get busy. Besides, my eyes are changing; not sure how that would work with another screen in front of them all day.

But, I'm so glad you're loving yours! You always have a way of making me laugh.

love you~elaine


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