Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A Girlfriend's "How did you meet story"

There's a silent bond that grows, the moment you step into a nursing mother's room. Every Sunday morning, like clockwork, I'd enter the place where new mother's gathered.

Rows of rocking chairs, baby swings, and partially clad women-too tired to button up their blouses, sat with exhausted smiles of welcome. It's there I met two dear ladies.

Caroline and Kim weren't new to the breastfeeding scene.

Like me, these gals were rocking baby number four. Their kind words to a first-time mommy, and sarcastic wit when as husband would stroll in to check on his wife made me love them instantly.

You lose what's left of your inhibitions by the time baby number four rolls around in their onesies. I got to know these gals really fast, and really well.

By the time our children were weaned, we missed our time in the nursing mom's room. It's then that I had a stroke of genius:

"Let's go out without the kids! We'll call it a 'Mom's Night Out!'" My friend suggested.

But, we wanted our group to be exclusive. We enjoyed the other moms at church, but we wanted some "just us" time. "I've got it. We'll call ourselves the 'Mom's of Four or More' club!" I shared excitedly. They loved it.

Fast forward to that weekend...

"Paul, don't forget, I'm going out with Kim and Caroline tonight for dinner."

"Why just Kim and Caroline? Didn't any of the other gals at church want to come too?" He asked.

"We didn't ask anyone else. This is our 'Mom's of Four or More' club. Only moms with four or more children can be a part of this, so that leaves just me, Caroline and Kim." I smiled.

"So, let me get this straight. You've started a mom's club, but you can't be a member unless you have four or more kids?"


"What if I'm a mom with three kids. I don't' count as an official mom? What about one? Even then, I'm not able to be a member?" Paul goaded.

"I told you, NO."

"Sounds like a cult to me."

Ten years later, we no longer attend the same church, but the bond we shared so many years ago sealed our hearts for life. I just love those girls.

How about you? Where did you meet your girlfriend?

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Susan Panzica - EternityCafe said...

I met one dear friend at She Speaks when we were seated at the same lunch table. Though we live a continent apart, there is an invisible tether joining our hearts.

Thank you Joanne. Though we don't talk often enough, when we do it's always golden. Love you to pieces, my friend.



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