Thursday, February 28, 2013

Your God-Adventure

What scares you? Is there something you won't risk? Something that makes you anxious just thinking about it?

Here's the truth: all God-ordained adventures include a few knee-knocking moments.

 The circumstances of life will either shrink or stretch your faith. - James McDonald

When Moses led the Israelites out of Egypt after a slew of heart thumping miracles their God-adventure began. I can just imagine the hoots and hollering of a people free at last. What incredible joy! What explosive excitement! Can you just see them all dancing and laughing, maybe even a few emotional gals like me bursting out in tears? As millions gathered to march out of bondage into their promised land, the buzz in the air of continual celebration was felt by all.

Then the Red Sea happened...

God's chosen people, the apple of His eye, went from a mountain top high to a deep valley low. I can just hear them now, "Really, God? Are you serious? You saved us for this?" Their joy quickly snuffed out as they faced a sea they couldn't cross. Yet, here's where a God-adventure and our faith journey really begins...when we lean "again" on the very God who brought us out of slavery.

With the Egyptians close on the Israelites heels, their reliance would be fully and wholly on God to rescue them - again.

What impossibility has God brought you out of? Better yet, what impossibility has He brought you to? God loves to use ordinary people like you and me to do extraordinary things. His glory shines brightest through humble hearts in a posture of holy neediness that can only be filled by His son Jesus Christ.

Great faith believes in God even when He plays His hand close to His vest, never showing all His cards. He has His reason for doing so. He wants to increase your "measure of faith". He does this whenever He conceals a matter and you trust Him nevertheless. - Joni Erickson Tada

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elaine@ peace for the journey said...

The impossibility of my sin . . . that's what He's brought me out of. The impossibility of faith, of trusting God with the very next minute of my life.

Grace and faith - the impossibilities made possible because of the cross.

With God all things, sister, even the seemingly impossible live as his reality to impart!

Love you. Love this.



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