Wednesday, August 29, 2007

And the winner is......NOT ME!

It is only the second week of the new school year and I have already been disqualified for the ‘Mother of the year’ award. I was exhausted yesterday morning when I got up and started my day. These past few nights I have been staying up way past my bedtime. As Paul left for work in the morning he told me to forego my planned yard work and take a nap instead. He suggested a nap for two reasons, one: he is a great husband and two: self-preservation…unfortunately, I didn’t take his advice.

I was due to pick up our youngest two children from school at 2:15pm. At about 2:00pm I was busy straightening up my bedroom and decided to lie on my bed and close my eyes for just a few moments before I got in the car to get the kids. My bed called to me. I told myself that it would be fine, that I couldn’t possibly fall asleep in only a few minutes time. Just laying on top of my cool cotton comforter with my eyes closed felt so wonderful. It felt like mere seconds later when I opened my eyes and glanced at our clock…”WHAT?!?! 3:00PM!?!?!? ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?! I shot out of bed like my fanny was on fire. As I bolted out of the room calling for my oldest daughter Meghan, (She had gotten home from school early) I was immediately met in our hallway by both Samuel and Grace. Meghan said, “Don’t panic mom, it’s ok, I picked them up for you.” Grace and Samuel came running to me with big hugs. As small arms flew everywhere I noticed their little cheeks were as red as summer tomatoes. The guilt pierced my mom-heart. “Hurry, go and get a popsicle! I am so sorry guys. I feel just awful about falling asleep.” I said. The knife twisted a bit deeper in my heart when my daughter Meghan told me that she had seen I had fallen asleep and later with the help from a call to her dad, decided to ride her bicycle in the 95 degree heat to meet and walk her younger siblings home. After apologizing profusely they answered by saying, “That’s alright mom. We’re fine. Walking home really wasn’t that bad.” The knife then completed its work and cut my mom-heart in two.

Yep, I felt pretty rotten. I am truly grateful that my kids can be so forgiving with their far from perfect mother. I am grateful to have a teenage daughter who would bless her mom before herself. I’m not sure I would have responded in the same way they did. Actually, I know that I would not have had the same reaction if the roles were reversed…lessons once again that I am learning from my children. God’s word says, ‘Let no one despise your youth, but be an example to the believers in word, in conduct, in love, in spirit, in faith, in purity.’ 1Timothy 4:12 Since my after school fumble with their pick up, they were quite an example for me. Oh, and as far as the ‘Mother of the year’ award goes…there is always next year.


Jen said...

Atleast you are real to admit your faults. I find so many moms are trying to hold on to the "Mother of the year" title. (where the focus is on them) We all fall short at times. Thank God his love never does!

Jen Bold

Aly said...

Ditto, kiddo!

Meghan's response shows exactly how well she, and your other little blessings, are being raised up. Now, when they are parents they can share the story of how they had to walk "miles home in the hot, hot, sun." :O) Love ya! Aly

Chelle' said...

Joanne- I decided to take a trip down your memory lane to read the posts prior to the time we met.

How sweet are these kids of yours? For that matter... when will that 95 degree weather hit PA?? It's COOOOOLD here.


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