Thursday, September 13, 2007

I can't wait a moment longer.

Call me impatient, I cannot wait another moment…I LOVE FALL! I know it is not officially here yet but I feel the gentle stirrings of the cool weather in the air…and I just can’t stand the suspense any longer. I witnessed a few small leaves falling from a tree while driving in the car with my husband yesterday. I even got to wear jeans and a sweatshirt today…my favorite attire! These are just a few signs that tell me my favorite time of year is right around the corner.
Saying goodbye to summer is something I feel very little remorse over. Maybe it is because I am fair skinned and have never tanned above an off white color, maybe it is because I hate to sweat, or maybe it is because I will never have one of those bikini clad bodies, I just don't enjoy the summer. Now I must admit I do enjoy the sun staying out later in the evenings and I do enjoy picnics and barbecues but my heart belongs to the Fall season. Autumn is my one true love.

Today I made pumpkin bread while our youngest children played and finished homework. The smell of warm cinnamon and nutmeg permeated our home. When I picked up my teenage son from school and told him that I had made pumpkin bread he said, “I love coming home and smelling the house when you bake that bread mom.” It touched my heart because I guess I don’t always realize that while I am happily enjoying something that seems as trivial as baking pumpkin bread, they glean from my joy as well. They are affected not only by my good mood, but by the smells that will forever be etched in their memories and on their hearts. My mother went home to be with the Lord seven years ago and these very same memories are even more important to me now. I loved coming home and smelling our house when my mom made sugar cookies, or coffee cake and especially her delicious oatmeal raisin cookies.

I guess you could say that this Fall I am baking with purpose. Making sweet memories (pardon the pun) is just another reason that this season gets top billing in my book.

How about you? Our recent poll showed that ALL of you gals voted Fall as your favorite season too. Please share, what do you love most about this time of year?


Sue Tornai said...

Your article is refreshing. It reminds me of times I came home from school to the smell of fresh baked cookies and pies my mom made. One of the things I look forward to in the Fall is going to Apple Hill. It's a tradition I have made with a friend. We love to savor hot apple pie with ice cream and we have our favorite ranches and shops to vist.

Aly said...

For all the reasons you wrote about -- those are also mine as to why I love the Fall. I really enjoyed the quotes from George Eliot & Albert Camus. EXACTLY. The Fall is calming not only in color, but in the fragrances in the air (both in the home and outside). I love the crisp promise of cooler weather and the beauty to my eyes witnessing those mulberry reds, golden yellows, and pumpkin oranges to soothe me after a hot, dry, hay-colored summer. Like you, I just FEEL better and find more JOY when Autumn is in the air. With much thanksgiving and praise to our Lord....

ElizabethMThompson said...

I love soup! And Fall is the perfect time for soup. I have already made two of my favorites and it is still a little warm out, but I couldn't wait either!

Fall is birthday season in our house (4 out of 5 of us were born is Fall).

I love the cool morning walks and the cool evenings. I love the colors and I especially love the soups!


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