Tuesday, October 9, 2007

SPECIAL: extraordinary; exceptional, having a specific or particular function or purpose.

Our family spent last Saturday morning at the Special Olympics. We were invited by our friends from church. Their son Isaac was competing so we were able to watch him compete in quite a few events. We came loaded down with posters and with Doritos (Isaac's favorite), along with pom poms, Isaac had the loudest cheering section there. We watched as he threw a javelin, launch a discus and his skill at the long jump was second to none. This picture was taken when he received his medal in the 50yd. dash. We had just missed watching him run but got there just in time to see the medal being placed around his neck. His parents showed us the pictures they had taken before we arrived of Isaac running in this event...the tears welled up in my eyes. To get him to run is no small feat but with the encouragement of his brother Joel he earned a medal. The picture showed Isaac's brother Joel running along the outside of the lane, alongside Isaac, encouraging his brother to run harder and faster encouraging him to finish well.

I can't convey in a few short paragraphs what Isaac has meant to our family. For the past five years he has been our personal greeter at church. He waits for us to drive up while at the same time taking a head count of any of us that may be missing. He is the first to ask us what we had for dinner or what we are going to be doing after church. He will also ask around anyone (quite loudly) why we may have missed the Sunday before. He isn't afraid to ask anyone he meets why they don't go to church and is first to encourage others to thank God for their food before eating. He is quite an accountability leader!

Isaac is special. He has shown our family laughter and love beyond measure. I included the definition of 'special' in my title above because I have learned through Isaac that being labeled special is not something to be ashamed of. Being 'special' is an honor and a blessing from the Lord. Isaac is extraordinarily exceptional. He has a specific God given purpose in our lives. Through Isaac God will continue to show Himself faithful and through the laughter and love of this 'special' child God will receive His 'special' glory.


Aly said...

You got that right: Isaac, our accountability leader! Unlike when OUR kids ask "why?," don't you feel convicted when he asks that piercing question? He is mostly definitely special in many ways!

In His Grip,


ElizabethMThompson said...

Isaac sounds delightful! Thanks for introducing him to those of us who have not had the privilege of meeting (or being held accountable by) him.




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