Sunday, November 4, 2007

My 100 Things

1. I was born in Laguna Beach, California.

2. Laguna Beach is the name of an actual beach...I wasn't born on the beach. I was born in a hospital.

3. I am the oldest of four children, 3 girls and a boy.

4. Some believe this is why I am bossy.

5. My family tells me I get my bossiness from my dad.

6. My dad is a former U.S. Marine and served three tours in Viet Nam.

7. I was raised by very patriotic parents.

8. My husband is the same.

9. We fly the American flag on a 20ft flagpole in front of our house…daily.

10. I love Jesus and want my time here on earth to be a daily outward reflection of His forgiveness and grace.

11. Jesus changed my world at the age of 30, when I finally gave Him my heart… and my life.

12. I will never be the same. Thank you God!

13. I will be 40 on my next birthday.

14. It doesn’t bother me as much as I thought it would.

15. Though I am shocked when I look closely in the mirror.

16. I grew up in small town in Northern California.

17. Soccer was my favorite sport in high school and I was a pretty good player.

18. I was on a championship team and the captain of our Girls Varsity Soccer team.

19. If I were to run 100ft now I would need to be resuscitated.

20. I love being married.

21. My husband is my best friend.

22. Being a mom is my greatest accomplishment.

23. My prayer for my children is that they would live each and every day knowing that God loves them and that He has a special plan just for them.

24. I am already praying for my future sons and daughter in laws.

25. You will never hear me say, “Not my kids!”

26. We spend quite a bit of time together as a family.

27. Not as much as I’d like, but more than most.

28. My favorite food is Baskin Robbins Peanut Butter and Chocolate ice cream.

29. I crave peanut butter more than chocolate.

30. I could always make my mom laugh.

31. My mother was voted homecoming queen her sophomore year in high school.

32. She would hate that I put that down.

33. My mom had cancer.

34. She died at the age of 54.

35. I still cry for her sometimes.

36. One of my sisters lives close by with her family.

37. I am so grateful for that.

38. Now I make her laugh.

39. Last year I made her laugh until she peed her pants.

40. Wherever I go I look for someone to talk to.

41. I love hearing people share their life stories.

42. My husband changes the channel on TV if there is someone sharing a life experience. He knows I will want to watch.

43. I believe the best of my life is still ahead of me.

44. Elderly people are so interesting to me.

45. I think I am going to make a great old lady someday.

46. If someone cries, I will cry too.

47. I met my best girlfriend at a police department.

48. We weren’t in jail together…we both worked there.

49. She is the only other person I know as loud as me.

50. Each friend I have had has taught me something.

51. I still send them all Christmas cards.

52. My husband makes fun of my Christmas card list.

53. He says he doesn’t know half of the people I send them too.

54. But I do…

55. I love Women’s Bible studies.

56. I wish I could do a Bible study with my extended family…I know they would LOVE it.

57. Writing is a passion of mine.

58. I started a journal for each of my children as soon as I found out I was pregnant.

59. Now I write in their personal journals on their birthdays.

60. My teenage daughter has already asked for hers.

61. I don’t think I will give it to her until she becomes a mom.

62. I would love to write a book someday.

63. But I am intimidated by my lack of education.

64. I am addicted to laughing.

65. There is nothing better than a good hearty belly laugh. You know...the kind of laugh that makes you hurt and feel like you are doing a never-ending sit-up.

66. I hate sit-ups.

67. I love to walk.

68. My walking buddy forces me to walk with her at 6am almost every morning.

69. I don’t like her for the first 5 minutes of every walk.

70. I have a lot of pet peeves.

71. Number one is people without ambition.

72. The other is people with lots of excuses.

73. I tell my children they can be anything they want to be.

74. My son told me at the age of 4 that when he grew up he was going to be a fireman or a lion tamer.

75. Some people tell me I have the gift of hospitality.

76. I love having people over.

77. I offer our home for almost any gathering.

78. I guess they may be right.

79. Taking pictures is a passion of mine.

80. Right below writing.

81. I can get anxious thinking about how my husband hasn’t backed up our digital pictures on our computer.

82. He is a very slow, I mean patient man.

83. I have never been told I have the gift of patience.

84. Speaking in front of crowds doesn’t scare me, I actually enjoy it.

85. My oldest daughter loves it.

86. My dream is to go on a cross country RV trip with our family.

87. I have been to Washington D.C.

88. I would love to live in one of the New England states or in a home in the south.

89. My husband says I would hate the snow.

90. He is probably right.

91. Another dream trip of mine is to go back east during the changing of the leaves.


93. Dark and gloomy days put me in a good mood.

94. I put a big dent in my husbands 9 day new pick up truck.

95. The next day I killed our Suburban engine...

96. ..on the way to get our family pictures taken.

97. My husband didn’t look happy in those pictures.

98. Our daughter will be driving in a few weeks.

99. Pray for us.

100. She is a lot like her mother.


Kevin Bussey said...

Cool list. I may have to do one myself.

Chelle' said...

I love them. Every one of them. Particularly numbers 19 and 82 which sparked laughter that interrupted my children's breakfast.

You really are "my west coast me"... check my "100 things about me post" to confirm.


Deidre said...

Hi Joanne! I enjoyed reading this. I started journals for my children too when I found I out I was pregnant with both of them. It's difficult to keep up with them now, but they definitely get an entry on their birthdays.

To answer your question on my post, the view is Blowing Rock, NC

Brooke said...

Great list! Here are my three things:

1. I was voted "loudest" in high school. I don't know where they come up with that. :))

2. I love to laugh and to make people laugh.

3. I am a Beth Moore Bible study junkie!

I keep thinking I'm gonna do this but haven't sat down to do it. (the 100 things)

Oh, and I have no idea who comes to my blog or how long they stay there so I don't think you were stalking me but I'm glad you paid me a visit anyhow!!!!

Jess said...

I don't know how you managed to stumble upon my blog either, but am SO glad you did! I've been checking out your blog and have just really enjoyed it. Great list. My 100th post will be here shortly, so I best be thinking of some things as well.
I'm just like you with: crying when others cry, LOVE of fall and love of women's bible studies.
You sound like a wonderful mother, friend, wife and Christian woman overall. And as far as you writing a book-- just from going on the little I've read, I would say you have got what it takes. It doesn't take an education as much as it takes a gift and a desire. I say, "Go for it!" :)
Great to 'meet' you! Keep up the great blog.


Fran said...

Are we related?? Seriously??? I am laughing out loud over every single one of these!!!! Well, except for a few. Your moms death brought an instant tear to my eye. But, please know that I feel like I know you completely right now!! I'm scared to do one of these because what if I can only come up with maybe 15 half way interesting things about myself???!!! This was AWESOME!!!

SharonB said...

That was so FUN to read...we actually have quite a bit in common!
I've actually been to Laguna Beach! I was there for an afternoon-evening and saw my FIRST sunset over the ocean (I live on the east). It was sooo beautiful!
It was in 05 while attending a Women's Ministry training in Redlands...

Anonymous said...

I like your list especially 40, 41, 52, 74, and 76. I am laughing alot right now and my husband is trying to watch his football game. He is not laughing. I think you are a cool nerd. Hannah Fortin

Christina said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog, Joanne! I've enjoyed reading some of yours. I posted part of my testimony on my blog under the label "faith" titled "My Church History".

We have quite a lot in common, understanding the CA penal code included!

Leigh Ishee said...

Wow - you and I have a lot in common. I came across your blog from a friend of a friend of mine.

I love B & R Peanut Butter and Choc. It is my fav.!!!

I love to laugh.

I love to speak.

I love Women's Bible studies as well. I love to teach the Word of God.

I love being married. My husband is my best friend.

My dad died when I was 18. I am 37 now and still cry for him.

I would like to write a book someday.

I am very patriotic as well. I love my country. I always tear up when I sing the National Anthem. I also love being from Texas.

Thanks for sharing your 100 things!


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