Monday, January 28, 2008

'Blessed' Books - Tuesday

When I became a Christian, there were so many books out there that people were telling me about. My list of books to read was becoming longer and longer. As I started to read some of those books reccommneded to me, I began to have favorite authors. These were authors I knew I could trust to give me words of wisdom backed up by Biblical truths. I am a big lover of non-fiction books and author Susan Hunt is one writer who blessed my heart from the very beginning of my Christian journey.

The book 'Spiritual Mothering' is a wonderful book of encouragment. It speaks to both the younger and older spiritual woman. What I loved about it was that each chapter is told in the voice of a different woman, giving different insight into so many different places a godly woman could use a Titus 2 woman to come alongside.

In Titus chapter two, we are given instruction as the older more mature women in the church. Our charge to keep is to teach the younger less mature babes in Christ just what it means to walk in the Lord. We are to be a visual picture for these younger gals to watch and learn from. Throughout my life I have been blessed by many Titus 2 women who have come alongside of me. God placed these women in my path for a purpose, for His purpose. I am so grateful for these ladies and I pray that when given the opportunity, I will be just as faithful to whoever the Lord places alongside of me.

Beverly LaHaye gives Susan Hunt's book Spiritual Mothering her words of approval, "This is a jewel of a book. By sensitively examining Paul's instructions in Titus 2, Susan Hunt calls women to powerfully affect our nation and world with the love of God--one person at a time." --Beverly LaHaye, Concerned Women for America

Today at 'Chats with an Old Lady', Gina has posted an article I have written on the Titus 2 woman and what that calling means to me.

I pray you will be 'Blessed'.


Rebekah said...

Good post. I consider myself lucky in having a Chirst like example in my mom.

Rebekah said...

I just read thru your 100 things. we do have a lot in common. I love gloomy days, fall, peanut better, Reese cup ice cream, having people over, true stories of peoples lives... well I could go on and on but Gracie wants me.

Anonymous said...

Loved your recent posts....and great Titus post....I think I have a Titus woman-I suppose it still counts even if we are only 5 years apart....C

Mari said...

I read you article and was really touched by it. I have had several Titus women in my life, but your post encourages me to be one to others.

AlaneM said...

Thanks for writing that, I've got another book to add to my already looooong list of desired reads.
Have a great day!


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