Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Grace Anne was in no hurry to leave her mommy and enter the world. With this precious little girl I experienced three false labors. One of which put me in the hospital for twenty four hours, only to be sent home yet again. Other than her grand delayed entrance, my pregnancy with Grace was a blessing. I had incredible cravings for cheeseburgers and if any vegetarians were watching, I am sure I gave them nightmares.

We named our beautiful little girl Grace Anne, which means 'Grace full of Grace'. The definition of Grace is unmerited favor. Her name fits her perfectly. Though she may not be the most graceful on her feet, she is a child that shows unmerited favor to everyone. We have four children and Gracie is our number three little peanut. My husband and I say that we have two 'head kids' and two 'heart kids'. Two of our children, our head kids, will use their heads to think things through before making a decision. While our 'heart kids' will think with their hearts only, without contemplating anything else.

Grace is one of our 'heart kids'.

The picture above was taken when she was two. Our house had just had a dusting of snow and she was beside herself. She LOVES the snow. We call her our little snow bunny. If I am in the kitchen Grace is right by my side, putting a too big for her apron over her head to help me. She also loves babies and will take care of any little one younger than her if she has the opportunity. I have told my family in private that I am putting all my money on our Grace to give me the most grandbabies.

I look at my little girl often and wonder why God chose me to be a mommy to the most beautiful nine year old girl in the world. A lifetime won't be long enough to thank Him for this precious gift He has given me.

Happy Birthday Gracie...your daddy and I love you SOOOO much! You are going to LOVE the gift we got you!


Chelle' said...

Having read this post... I can only say... I LOVE HER! I wish I lived closer and could CELEBRATE her big 9th birthday with her... and you!

Furthermore- my Brenden is 8 and a half... let's keep that in mind for the future. :0)

(Oh... and I would love an update as to what Grace's parents got her for her birthday that she will love!!)

Terri said...

Happy Birthday, Grace. Hope you have a great day.

Rebekah said...

she is absolutely adorable. What a great smile.
Happy Birthday

Denise said...

Happy Birthday Grace. What a cutie!

Fran said...

"May God reveal Himself to your darling Grace with each day and that her heart will be in love with Him always! May she grow to be the woman He desires for her to be."

Happy Birthday Grace!

Tiff said...

OMG she sounds so sweet. She can come babysit my boys anytime!! Happy Birthday Grace!

Mari said...

Happy Birthday Grace!
I've only known a few Grace's and they have all beeen special! She's a cutie!

Mari said...

Happy Birthday Grace!
I've only known a few Grace's and they have all beeen special! She's a cutie!

SharonB said...

Oh my Goodness...she is so cute! Happy Birthday Gracie

Gina said...

I love that name "Grace"!!


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