Monday, February 25, 2008

Last Minute...YOU BETCHA!

Being a self proclaimed 'Last-Minute-Lil' has been a genetic trait of mine for as long as I can remember. I grew up with a sweet mother who rushed around completing any task only moments and sometimes even seconds before her deadlines.

Her legacy continues...

Our 3rd grader had a lovely school book report due today. We were given a full month to complete this task. Did we take our time working on this project when we could have done so in a peaceful and stress-free way?

Of course not.

That would have taken all the fun out of it.

We decided to do it yesterday afternoon...the day before it was due.

And to add I believe, a bit of sinister joy on the teachers part, we were asked to make this book report on a cereal box.

My cereal box job behind me, breathing a huge sigh of relief, it was almost time for our children to head to bed. Since it was Sunday night, I called to my youngest to bring me his Friday folder to peruse.

What, you actually look over your children's Friday work on Friday's?

Not us 'Last-Minute-Lil's'.

If we were to do that, then we wouldn't have the joy of being mind-blowingly surprised from time to time.

Like I was last night.

With only ten minutes before the kids bedtime I discovered that my darling youngest was no less than 'Star of the Week' this week. What does that mean, some of you may ask? It meant that I was now working with my son on his own artistic adaptation of himself.

...and this son is NOT artistic.

Out came the pens and paints..yet again.

Ahhhh the joys of last minute mothering!


Amy Wyatt said...

Thanks for the reminder. We have a cereal box report due on Friday and haven't started. At least we have read the book though. We will hopefully start tonight so Thursday won't be crazy! Love the pics of your kids.

Kim said...

You crack me up....I'm totally I'm an organized freak....and would never be able to pull it the last minute like you!!!


Mari said...

My family has that same trait, my husbands family does not. He is Mr Orginazation and our oldest daughter is too. The other two, I'm sorry to say take after me. I'm happy to say that they all made it through school and seem to be more organized in college!

LaskiGal said...

Oh so funny . . . I remember my mom and dad helping me with a science project the NIGHT before it was due. Unfortunately, there was no way to GROW plants in a day . . . I hesitate to go on for fear of incriminating my parents or myself.

Rebekah said...

I dont have the patience to be a last minute lil.

Sounds like you got in under control

Terri said...

Oh, those Stars of the Week. The kids love it but it can be kind of a pain for the Mom!
Glad you accomplished it all!

Beth said...

Book reports on cereal boxes? What's wrong with good old fashioned paper??

Fran said...

I am one of you too!!! It does make life interesting and crazy on Sunday nights huh?! I know better but I don't forsee any changes in the future!!!!

Congrats mom!

AlaneM said...

Oh man, I SO identify with that!! My middle name should have been procrastination.
Thanks for making me feel normal :)

A Stone Gatherer said...

Oh, if I'm 5 minutes early I consider that on time. I so read the friday folder on friday! My son has aggravated me to no end by leaving his friday folder at school for weeks on end! AGH!!!! I am a willow though! I am learning to love working with last minute lils'!

Christina said...

This is so funny and reminded me of me. I do everything late as far as projects go. I just say I work better under pressure.


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