Thursday, February 21, 2008

Seriously...are you kidding me?!?

Welcome once again to what I fondly like to call my "Seriously..are you kidding me?!?" favorite police call of the night.


Caller or Little-Man-Syndrome-Man(From here on out will be known as LMSM) ..any similarities to the Ronald Mcdonald Clown are purely coincidental.

Me: 911..what is your emergency?

LMSM: (Talking very fast, very agitated and angry) I was just at Mc Donalds and didn't get all of my food that I ordered.

Me: ...and that is an emergency?

LMSM: Let me finish. I went back in to the restaurant to get my missing food and to report the poor service to the manager.

Me: Uh huh...

LMSM:..and after I told this manager about their poor service and his employee's awful work, I was walking out of the place and the employee who messed up my order started throwing me hard looks. You know I was in the Marine Corp..

Me: ..okay...

LMSM: So I went right back in to Mcdonalds and started asking him , "Why are you throwing me hard looks, huh? What is your problem?!?" Then I saw the man put his hand in his pocket. So I asked (his voice getting louder), "What is in your pocket, Hey..what is in your pocket?!?"

Me: Did you see anything in his pocket?


Me: So what would you like the police department to do?

LMSM: Someone needs to go out and talk to this guy!

Me: Sir, there doesn't seem to be any crime here. But if you want to wait in the parking lot for the police to come by and talk with you and the management there we can do that.

LMSM: No, I can't do that. My girlfriend and I are headed to a business meeting. I am just so mad. You know, I was in the Marine Corp. What did you want me to do?!?

Me: Okay, sir, I get it that you were in the Marine Corp. I understand that. I was raised by a Marine, my daughter's birthday is the Marine Corp birthday..I get it, oohrah and the whole bit. I understand being upset over not getting all the food that you ordered. But really, is it worth it to possibly get in a fight over a Big Mac and some fries?

LMSM: This is just wrong. Someone needs to go out and talk to that guy.

Me: Sir, the next time this happens..and it will happen again, that you don't get your complete order. My suggestion to you is to let your girlfriend go inside and pick up your should just stay in the car.


Anonymous said...


Chelle' said...

I know it's good to have a supplemental income and to have a part time job and all... and usually- a job's a job.

But I have to tell you- I AM SO IN LOVE WITH YOU JOB. In your case... a job is NOT just a job. It is a lifeline. An avenue for my Thursday morning comic relief.


In my opinion- your blog should have Seriously Saturdays by where you post all of these stories for me to read over the weekend.

Think about it. :0)

connorcolesmom said...

I always LOVE reading your posts after you have worked. I agree with Chelle you should consider posting all the events of the night when you work. I would be so entertained!
I just love you - lets talk again soon!

Beth said...

I hope you didn't miss a real emergency call while on the phone with this hot head!

Thanks for the chuckle!

SharonB said...

oh my goodness...too funny!

Fran said...

In my police voice....

"Sir, get back in the car! Get back in the car, sir!"

A Stone Gatherer said...

To think people use 911 for such things is unbelievable! So glad you have a sense of humor, and thanks for sharing with us! What a hoot!!!

Sith Esq. said...

I too was raised by a Marine. And in my experience, Marines are more "pro-active" when dealing with poor customer service.

AlaneM said...

Ok that is just SAD! People are just strange sometimes.

Rebekah said...

LOL, people crack me up. Good response at the end. What a sissy-boy... ooh, sorry, he was in the Marines


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