Friday, February 22, 2008

Active or Passive...which faith is yours???

While reading my daily 'Streams in the Desert' this morning, this touched my heart. It made me stop and I passive or active?

Passive faith accepts the Word as true-
But never moves.
Active faith begins the work to do-
And thereby proves.

Passive faith but praises in the light-
When sun doth shine.
Active faith will praise in darkest night-
Which faith is thine?


Kim said...

Streams in the Dessert is one of my MOST favorite devotional books. It's certainly been a great source of hope, and encouragement when I've gone through some heavy, deep deserts!!

Have a Blessed Friday.

Mari said...

That's a message that really makes me think. I've spent the beginning of my life being passive and believing what was told me, just because and not looking into things for myself. I have to be carefull not to slip into that again.

Chelle' said...

Ouch. I need to be more active that is for sure. And not just in home repairs...

On a completely random sidenote- I now know how you have to handle those 911 stories you seem to get weekly... "Freaky Friday" blog posts by where you highlight them all. :0)

I'm looking forward to your first FF post. AND...


AlaneM said...

Man, sometimes I don't like your blog cos I get smacked upside the head - ouch! ;)
Great post, thanks for making me think.

Fran said...

Keep me active Lord!! I want to be active Lord!

A Stone Gatherer said...

To be able to praise in the storm, that is what I long for! It is so easy to praise when things are going well, but knowing who is in control brings a peace that is hard to describe! Praying for more active faith everyday! Blessing to you Joanne!

Cherdecor said...

The Lord has been dealing with me on this active faith thing. I have so much of the Bible packed into my head but fleshing it out is a whole other matter.

I will have to say that God has been gently guiding me through some things that have made big changes in my life. For that I am so thankful!

Sissy said...

Love those thoughts. Thanks for sharing them. I think I am in the midst of a period where God is shaping me to be something even better. I pray for a faith that is daily and ever-present.

I might have to go buy that book.

Beth said...

That certainly made me stop and think. Thanks for sharing that.

SharonB said...

Oh how I long to be always active and never passive! thanks for the thought provoking post!

Gina @Chats With an "Old Lady" said...

Hi, Joanne!
Thanks so much for the neat card! I loved it, and that happens to be one of my favorite songs by Nichole Nordeman!! I'm glad you got the package!

I have often given "streams..." as a gift to people I know are going through trials, but I do love it for every day!

Loved what you shared!
God Bless!

Jess said...

That's one of my MANY underlined passages in 'Streams'. Love it.


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