Monday, March 31, 2008

What a blessing!

Yesterday afternoon the phone rang. What joy when I heard the thick Russian accent of our dear friend Igor on the other end of the line. Igor and his wife Olga are Russian missionaries. Igor pastors a church there and they both minister to many orphanages in their home country. They are missionaries through ICM (Intensive Care Ministries) whose purpose is to train up third world pastors to be able to teach inductive and expository Bible studies.

We met them through our church quite a few years ago now. There was just an instant connection between us. We truly love hanging out together. When they arrived at the door, kids ran from all different parts of our house to give them a big hug. What a blessing it is that my children have the opportunity to have friends to speak with who live in another country. What an added bonus that these precious friends of ours have made the choice to spread the gospel around the world and for a brief moment can share their lives with us.

I made the kids take a picture, they were in different stages of putting on their pj's. My older kids asked me to make this disclaimer.


Shelly said...

Welome friend! Also, glad you are back

Beth said...

What a blessing and how wonderful that your kids seem to adore them!

A Stone Gatherer said...

Good friends that love God! Nothing could be better!

Chelle' said...

That's Awesome Joanne. Thanks for sharing the picture. That's a great way to instill the value of sharing the gospel in your children's hearts...

Cheri said...

What a fun surprise. Since my girls are from Russia- I know exactly what you mean about the accent.
How awesome that they are working to spread God's word there!

Jess said...

What amazing examples for your children to look up to! (Not that you and Paul aren't - but it's good to have that outside reinforcement.)
You can just feel their warmth and compassion by looking at the picture and how your children just adore them!
What a fun time!!


Terri said...

How exciting! There's not much better than getting to see old friends.

Digging for Pearls said...

I could use your help. I am trying to survey as many women as possible to find out what ten struggles they face as a Christian woman. If you have a few minutes, I would love your input on my blog in regards to the ten struggles that Christian women face. Thank you!

Please pass this on to your friends as well.

Fran said...

Well Joanne...that is just the coolest thing ever! I love that!!

What precious friends you have made. May God continue to use them
and bless their ministry!


AlaneM said...

Your disclaimer cracked me up..something I would have done as a kid :)


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