Monday, June 2, 2008

Calling all jokesters and pranksters out there!

Consider this a cry for help to all of my bloggy buddies out there....

My husband Paul and I are coordinating the couple's retreat for our church. There are about forty people signed up to attend so far. Some very dear friends of ours moved away last year. They used to be our partners in crime when it came to pulling jokes on one another while away. We have short sheeted each others beds, tied garbage can lids to the back of vehicles and there has even been a fart machine used at one time I won't mention in print. Last year they redecorated our room in early 1970's fashion with HUGE green mottled lamps and a lovely glass grape chandelier that they hung over our toilet. Sadly, the Lord called them out to another church in New Mexico where Kirk is now the worship pastor and his wife Lara oversees the coffee and bookstore, and I am sure gives a helping hand with the women's Bible studies too.

When they left we were so sad. Surprisingly, as close as they were with so many of us, emails and phone calls ended. They were so very busy in a new church body, getting their three children settled and the likes. I told Lara's brother who attends our church, "If I had known when Kirk and Lara moved that it would be the last time I would talk with them, I would have cried harder!" I told him that I didn't think they really moved to another church...I think they are in the witness protection program.

Well, they are now flying up for our retreat and will be handling our worship. We are really looking forward to seeing them and getting to spend time with them again.

HERE IS WHAT I NEED FROM YOU: Any good natured, fun loving pranks that we can do to their room, or to them would be greatly appreciated.

Paul and I were talked into handling this retreat (thanks again Dana!) with the sole purpose of knowing that being in charge meant that we would have a key to their room!

I would love any feedback you guys may have. Time is drawing near for their arrival and I don't have much ammunition for this retreat. HELP!


Chelle' said...

* Empty your friend's shampoo bottle and put baby oil in it instead. Next time, they rush in the bath to shampoo their hair; they will come out with oily slick look.

* If there is only one toilet on your floor, lock it from inside using a rope trick after putting a pair of old boots in them as if someone is sitting on the seat.

* Set the 4:00 am wake up alarm in the victim's alarm clock and hide it in the corner of the closet and remember to sleep in your room.

* My husband placed a raisin in the end of the toothpaste tube. When I squeezed out the paste, I got what I thought was a bug along with my minty tarter control glob.

*Announce in a general assembly that there is a possibility that there will be wet paint throughout the campus where you're staying. Late in teh night after the last session hang a sign on your friend's cabin door that says, "Wet Paint! Do Not Enter!" and wait to see their response.

* Put a jolly rancher in the shower head...the warm shower melts the candy and coats your mark. They don't feel it until later on when they are fully dry. Leaves a sticky film all over them. It is subtle, yet annoying!

* Tape a straight pin on the top inside ledge of the drawer frame pointing in. Place an inflated balloon inside and in the back of the drawer and close. When your mark opens the drawer, the ballon will be pushed into the pin and make a big "pop!" startling your victim!

* When your mark is inside their room tape newspaper across the entire span of the door to the outside frame. You may want to wait until they are sleeping and do it at night to give you enough time to complete your project. Leave some space open near the top of the door where you haven't covered it in the newspaper. And you may want to consider using several sheets of newspaper to give your partition some strength. Then fill that space between your newspaper wall and the actual door with tons of popcorn (unbuttered would work best). When your mark opens the door to leave they will be met with a tital wave of popcorn!

* Remove the toilet tank cover. Inside you should see a vertical tube with smaller tubing clipped to it. The smaller tubing is where the water comes from to fill the tank after use. Remove the tubing clip and place the tubing between the toilet tank cover and the toilet tank pointing forward. The weight from the cover should hold the tubing in place. When your mark flushes the toilet next, instead of the tank getting refilled with water, they will get drenched.

* Take an ordinary soda or beer can and poke a small hole with a needle into the bottom. Do not pop the pull tab. It will take a while for the contents to drain, but having a small hole on the bottom is critical for this prank to work. Once the can is totally empty, submerge it into a tub of water - or into anything else with which you would like to replace the contents. Once the can is full again with its new refreshment, seal the tiny hole with some epoxy, filler or glue.

Clearly I researched a few ideas online... I love this last one because it can easily be done at home before you leave and just given to them there. Hmmmm... fun times.

Have a great weekend friend.

Aly said...

Oh how I wish and pray I did't have cancel this weekend, Joanne! All the suggestions above are CLASSIC! Thank you, Chelle! I'm laughing already....those poor unknowing souls! ;O) xo

Sonya said...

Wow, your first commenter has it covered! Sounds like a blast. cold coins in their bed is always exciting.

I'm coming over here from Lysa's site. Looking forward to meeting you at She Speaks (but glad I'm not rooming with you! LOL, Jus kidding.)

Genny said...

How fun! I'm sure that will make for some good laughs, and good memories.

a portland granny said...

Whew, you gals are relentless in your ideas. I hope your retreat is wonderful...and personally, I like the one about stuffing the door space with popcorn!

I loved your post about your grandma. She is so cute. I hope I am as perky as she, when I get that age (just around the corner).

Isn't the fellowship we find on these posts a wonderful gift? I so enjoy visiting your blog.


Gina@Chats With An "Old Lady" said...

You are soooooooooooooooo BAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mari said...

I saw this earlier and was going to try to come up with some things but my mind is blank. I should be able to think of some things, but mine are all juvenile because of the years i spent with the junior high youth! Chelle' has lots of fun ideas. You will have to let us know how things work out! Have a great time with your friends!

AlaneM said...

Yup, I thing chelle has it covered. I'm not a prankster myself but I sure enjoy watching them! I'm sure you will have a fabulous time & have lots of laughs together.
Please, please, please blog about the weekend...I'm dying to find out which one(s) you do & how it went.

Jonatha said...

Oh goodness, that is just too funny. I wish I was going to the retreat - although I'm not sure how relaxing it is going to be! What fun! You have to take pictures!!!

My husband always gets me with the water faucet. He puts a rubber band around the spray nozzle so that when I turn on the sink it immediately sprays me.


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