Sunday, July 27, 2008

What Would Your Cardboard Say?

Mari from My little corner of the world and Ivory Blossom both had this on their blogs this week. I finally got around to watching. With my tears still wet on my face, I ran into the other room and had my teenage daughter watch.

We both cried.

I know I'm late for most of you, but just in case one of you haven't seen this yet...Watch it!

...and make sure you have your kleenex ready.


Paula (SweetPea) said...

I have seen this video before. It is absolutely amazing, huh?
Thanks, Joanne.

Mari said...

This speaks volumes. Glad you shared it.

Starr said...

Now I am crying, too. I think I would need more than one piece of cardboard! Oh My!

One would say: Low self-esteem and feeling ugly all the time----Bold in Christ and Recognizing that I am His Beautiful Princess

Another would say: Desperately trying to have another child for 6 years----Mom of an energetic precious 6 year old boy.

And many many more........

Thanks for this post today. I needed it.
Love you,

Fran said...

Amazing isn't it??? I don't know how to say it in such few words....
It makes you think doesn't it??

Blessings Joanne~

Angie said...

I watched this last week...found it somewhere...and YES it made me CRY. I called Jeff in there to watch...I don't know if it affected him the same way...but boy did I have things to think on that night!
It was amazing.
GIRL---I just love you! I thought about you Sunday when I was servin' up my lunch to the husband and the grandson! Fresh peas (like none you've EVER tasted), rice, baked chicken, biscuits (almost like manna rolls) YUMMY! Jeff made a Butter Nut Cake ----oh my STARS!
Girl---you have got to plan a vacation down this way. If you and I both get to go to the SheSpeaks (which I am planning on right now) next year---I will bring you a sampling of Jeff's mighty delightful Cake!!!!

A Stone Gatherer said...

The first time I saw it too I cried like a baby! Very powerful!


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