Wednesday, November 19, 2008

What gift have you left unopened?

While at my writer's group meeting last night, I was challenged. I had shared that after an editor had accepted an article for publication, a month later I had been so busy, I still had not responded to her contract.

Blasphemy, to any of you writers out there.

God had given me a beautiful gift . A gift that I had prayed for, wanted desperately, and one that he had purposed just for me. When He put this gift gently inside the box, he knew that I would just love it. He wrapped this gift personally, choosing the most elegant paper and a bow that would take my breath away. He gently placed it in my arms and waited with joyful anticipation for the moment that I would open it up. He couldn't wait to see my response to all that He had carefully placed inside.

Instead, I left this gift unopened.

Friends, what gift has God given you, that you have set aside? What beautifully wrapped package has your Father personally given you, that you have hidden away? God has an abundance of blessing just waiting for you, read more about it here.

I would love to hear more about your gift left unwrapped. I am praying that you will find where you have stored it away and unwrap


Jennifer said...

I don't know of any "talents" that God has gifted me with but what I do know is that He has given me a spirit of giving and serving others. That is something that for many, many years...I left unopened out of fear of rejection, lack of self-esteem and was in the pit of depression.

I'm here today to say that God set me free from all the things that hendered me and keep me from opening that gift that He had given me.

The only other thing that was holding me back was time. But, God is good, faithful and makes a way where there seems to be no way.
I spoke with my boss's wife (blogging about it tomorrow on TT) and let her know that I needed to cut my hours because I couldn't do all that I needed to do and work 40 hours (4-10 hr. days), even though, I can't afford to cut my pay. She, through the door that Jesus Christ opened,...made a way.

I love Him so and want to be a servant to others and help the hurting through my own "Storms of Life".

I believe that is the gift that God has personally given me. He took the ugliest parts of my life and is using them for His glory!

I love your are always encouraging, uplifting and you bless me through Blessed!

Paula (SweetPea) said...

I believe in the last six months God has been unfolding and revealing my gift, His gift to me, to write also. I've been blown away with the encouragement and affirmation of this through comments of my readers.

a portland granny said...

I love your post today. What a great reminder to search our hearts and see what we are leaving unwrapped. I have recently 'opened' a gift that I put away a long time ago. It is the gift of hospitality. I have ventured out in the last month with two dinner parties which were successful, so I feel renewed in my confidence to once again use my home for entertaining more often. (I do family affairs, but reaching out to those I don't know so well is happening...and I like that.)

Elizabeth M Thompson said...

You are such a treasure, Joanne! I'm glad you blogged about this today. Now you have a much larger group to hold you accountable (though I think it won't be necessary--you are on your way).

As for me, you might have noticed I am slowly unwrapping my gift, careful not to rip the paper or destroy the bow. But I'm discovering that the discovery is lots of fun.

LAURIE said...

thank you for visiting LWG today and leaving your comment. All I can say is WOW! that God would lay the same thing on both of our hearts. He truly is up to something I think and wanting us to unwrap the beautiful gift He has bestowed upon us. -Blessings, Laurie

Jennifer said...

Hey Joanne...please stop by anyday, everyday...multiple times a day...if you want. Don't be a're a bloggy friends and they are ALWAYS WELCOME at my place!

Gina@Chats With An "Old Lady" said...

YOU WHAT????? Why didn't you respond? What a riot, Joanne! I'd love to hear what the article is and who is publishing it! YOU GO GIRL!! and....what about the book??? Oh,girl..we really MUST catch up!!!

Growin' with it! said...

hey Matthew 25...quit stepping on my toes. ouch. great post joanne. i need to think more on this one.

Lisa @ Stop and Smell the Chocolates said...

Great post and thank you for sharing that! I will have to ponder it some more.

Wanted you to know that I did the meme you tagged me for and I have an award for you on my blog!

StephieAnne said...

Joanne - wow - great post! I thank you for your transparency and challenge. I believe there is a lot of gifts I can be giving to my children in terms of just a "positive, fun, encouraging" mom, but between feeling sick and too much to do, have really let them down lately. I also feel like I could do a lot more to encourage others - simply by opening my house for others to "hang out in" - or sending emails or phone calls - but the above excuses apply too. Hoping to make some great changes...

Tiffany Stuart said...

I know I've had many unopened gifts. I like this thought provoking question. Still thinking.

Congrats on your contract!!


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