Monday, May 18, 2009

I think I'm gonna be sick...

Life is moving fast and furious around here. I feel like I'm being pulled in thousands of directions, and quite honestly am about ready to hand in my two week notice.

From awards ceremonies, to spelling bee's, high school graduation, to end of year projects. I'm getting dizzy (and slightly irritated) just thinking about it.

And don't you think teachers who give end of year projects have a dark side to them?This week my 2nd grader is supposed to create a three-dimensional dinosaur, of whose name I can't even spell. And my 4th grader's big task is to make a shoebox diorama in great toothpick detail of something or other.

This means "I" will be the one with the projects to finish, graduation to orchestrate and everything else that's on our plate.

Anyone else out there want to stop this ride and get off?

Seriously, I think I'm gonna be sick.


Faye said...

Im so sorry.Maybe things will look beter tomorrow! Sending you hugs! Blessings, Faye

Mari said...

I remember these times. It'll get better!

Kim McBirnie said...

Hi Joanne! I couldn't follow you from your comment on my blog but tracked you down via google - yay technology! Firstly, hi - and thanks for popping over to the UK. I'm really sorry you are having a stressful time - you know it's going to get better; it is just a matter of when that happens. In the mean time - feel free to pop over for an offload - laced with tea, jam and cream scones and a generous helping of empathy! (If it's late, then it'll be a gin & tonic - but I won't tell if you won't!
Kim McBirnie

Susan said...

"And this too shall pass..."!! Hard to believe, but someday you will wish for your "big kids" to be small and to sit and work on a popsicle project! Time is flying and before you know it summer will be here and you will be hearing these words from your lovely little ones..."I'm bored"!!!

kellie bellmer said...

I want off too! Let's get off and have coffee:)

Elizabeth M Thompson said...

Among the crazy busy days there will be moments that take your breath away. A lovely teen dressed and ready to face an uncertain future with your prayers and a lifetime of preparation to guide her. A sweet son's smile as he puts the final dabs of paint on a dinosaur. The joy in your daughter's eyes as she recounts her last day in fourth grade. And the sound of the Father's voice as he quiets you with, "Well done my faithful child."

Beth in NC said...

I had to come over to see what you were apologizing about (ha). Girl, we all have these moments! Life does get extremely busy.

Love ya girl!


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