Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I'm Sgt. Strict. Who are you?

Today I took a quiz over at We Are That Family. I wasn't surprised at all when my parenting style was graded and I was deemed "Sgt. Strict".

When I come into work or call my girlfriend and share my stories from home (many, many, many that I would never share here), they always are surprised at how strict my husband and I are.

Even more surprising is that I don't think we're all that bad. I think that everyone else is a bunch of softies.

So, I included a few parenting no-brainers from our home and for your reading entertainment below. Feel free to adopt any or all for your very own.


* Children are to knock on our bedroom door before barging in. Only three things will give them an open sesame without knocking first:

1. If they are bleeding.

2. If they have already thrown-up.

3. If they are on fire.

* Bedtime is 8pm. End of discussion.

* Every minute late past curfew = one day restriction.
(Our oldest teenager was nine minutes late coming home - ONCE.)

Head on over and take the quiz yourself. Then make sure to come back and let us know how you scored.

T-Mobile Mom to Mom Quiz: "

Take the fun, Mom to Mom quiz and discover your parenting style.



Faye said...

Joanne,I really enjoyed your post!Please say a prayer for me today.I go back to the doctor.Hope you have a great day! Blessings, Faye

Susan said...

Hey Joanne! I took this test yesterday...I read We Are That Family daily too! So I was Quick Wit Mom...I guess if I'm not laughing I'm crying so I'm choosing laughter!

eph2810 said...

LOL - that is jsut too funny, Joanne. Well, my parents were strict, but I am thankful for that today...I think we were too soft on our one and only son *sigh*

a portland granny said...

Oh my goodness! Your rules for coming to the bedroom without knocking, sound just like my playground rules used to be about tattling!

How do you get by with 8 o'clock bedtimes for the two older kids? I used to have strict bedtime rules also and I was the only parent I knew who had them...and that was 40 years ago. (After teaching kids all day, I needed a couple of hours without kids--that may have been my motivation for adhering so strictly to bedtime!!)

I say, "Hats off to you and your husband" Kids with boundaries feel more secure, I believe.

Keep up the good work!

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

Hey, friend. I think you're fine. Strict is good; it's helped us weather these year of puberty ... now into adulthood. My oldest has returned from college. I will have to say that 8:00 PM is his beginning hour rather than his ending. It's makes it a long night for the rest of us! Hope all is well. I'm doing great.


Mari said...

I took the quiz and I am Sgt Strict too!

Heather of the EO said...

Ha, HI Sgt! :)

My boys are so small, I'm not sure where I'll fall yet. But we do try really hard to be consistent. Maybe I'll be strict in the future :)


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