Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Marriage Advice - Are you listening Dennis Rainey?

I often wonder how some couples do it without God. Two selfish people, both trying to lead the pack. Flesh at its best or should I say worst? A perfect recipe for disaster.

"Nevertheless let each one of you in particular so love his own wife as himself, and let the wife see that she repects her husband." Ephesians 5:33

Love and respect.

Sounds easy enough.

Yes, love and respect are two God given commands to keep our marriages healthy and God honoring. But, I do think the Lord may have missed one key element. To stay married until death do us part it should be love, respect AND...GPS.

We just got back from driving to Texas and oh what a wonderful time we had. Not one argument about stopping for directions. Not one.

These technical contraptions should be sold at ALL marriage conferences and given as gifts at all wedding showers.

Our time away was chock full of LOVE and RESPECT. How could the Lord have missed this one?!?


Denise @ A Sacred Longing said...

Whew...just got ours...can't wait until our next trip!


Denise said...

Sounds like I need to get one of those, lol

Mari said...

It's wonderful unless your GPS sends you on a tangent! That happened to us last year when we went to Virginia. It made for an unhappy husband - especially when he wife was laughing in the seat next to him!

momstheword said...

Beats me! We don't have one, but in our early marriage I remember being annoyed because hubby wouldn't pull over and ask for directions, lol!

Jennifer said...

I remember Mari's story about it leading them astray. LOL! I am such a gadget girl that just seeing that picture made me want one. Fortunately my husband learned really early on that the wife can get him anywhere if he just hands her the map. He doesn't even give it a second thought now just asks me where he needs to turn. But we have learned that we can NEVER paint together. LOL!

Chris Pedersen said...

Ahh... Jeri. That's what we call our GPS. And lately she sports a British accent. To be sure, she helps but is NOT always right.

Case in point. If we follow her directions to get home, she takes us a round-about way through the back gate (we live in a gated community). The most direct way home is 100 yards off a main parkway through the front gate manned 24/7 by security guards that will let you in with a smile. Many a GPS-equipped friend has found themselves
at the back gate wondering how to get in.

Ahh... technology!

Angie said...

We used one with Aimee and Juno on a trip last February ...."she" directed wrong a couple of times...wanted us to "turn" right...off the mountain!!! Good thing we have eyes!!!

Neat post!

I had to call 911 yesterday...and I thought instantly of YOU!

Lauren said...

Oh that's great! I agree 100%. If the GPS steers you the wrong way, it's nobody's fault...

Marriage Counseling said...

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Ross and Taya said...

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