Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Blessed Guest - Tea with Tiffany

I'm a Blessed Guest!

Have you ever met someone and just knew you'd be instant friends? I've had this happen quite a few times in my life. My friend Penelope in Australia, my friend Angie in Florida, and my Blessed Guest today, Tiffany from Tea with Tiffany.

While at our blogger's retreat last year, Tiff and I had a blast. We are both privy to the writing-scene and spoke each others wordsmith language. In case your ears were ringing, all you publishers and editors out there, yes, we were gabbing about you.

By the fifth day of our conference we were rummy with exhaustion and got the giggles. My stomach hurt so bad, laughing that hard. The next day, it felt like I'd done four sit-ups. I thought I'd share a snippet with you below. Not exactly a professional snippet, but it might make you chuckle. Or, possibly annoy you, or maybe even frighten you.

Before she gets here I have to share -Tiffany has a heart for the Lord that's contagious. She is humble, kind, helpful, and God-honoring. She's as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside. Her writing may be the gift of her heart, but her gift of speaking pierced my own heart last fall.

Well, she just walked in. So, would you all please give my friend Tiffany a BIG round of welcoming comments!

Welcome Tiffany. I'm so happy you could stop by. Your blog has touched the hearts of many in the world wide web, mine included. I'm so happy you're here to share a little bit about yourself today!

Let's begin in the beginning. Tell us about the birth of your blog. How did you start blogging?

I started blogging on February 4, 2005. Five years ago. Wow, time flies when you're online. I started a blog because it was a modern way to write and get instant feedback. I wanted to grow as a writer. Blogging was a way to find your voice and practice the craft. So I said yes. I've taken breaks, but I've never stopped since. It's been a wild ride.

What do you/ don't you love about it?

I love the friendships that have come out of it. That's the best part. So unexpected. So like God to give me more than I ever hoped or imagined.

I don't love the fact that I cannot stay in close contact with all the friends I've met along the way. I just don't have the time or energy.

What has surprised you the most about blogging?

The way God uses the blogging community for good. I've seen such support as we rally together in prayer and friendship.

Bloggers are usually writers. Do you write anywhere else or for anyone else?

As a writer, I took 2009 off to rest and enjoy writing creatively outside of deadlines. It was refreshing. However, this year I've jumped back into the hard work again. I am currently writing a book on shame. So many people are still bound by voices that they are not good enough. Deep rooted shame is an area of my life that God has done a lot of healing. I want to offer hope to those stuck. There's hope for a lighter tomorrow.

Do you use your blog for your ministry?

Yes. I once had a separate website for speaking and writing but I never updated it, so I let it go. Maybe someday I will switch my blog and website to hosting it outside of Blogger. For now, this works. I'll stick with Tea with Tiffany here.

Who are a few of your favorite blogs to read?

Hard question. There are different reasons I read each blog. Sometimes it's for friendship, sometimes I want a deep post. I wish I could list a few, but that's not possible. I enjoy Jennifer's heart at Getting Down with Jesus. I have a strong friendship with you, of course. And yes, you write well, Joanne. I love Julie's journey of grace from Jewelz Sightings. I think Billy Coffey is an amazing storyteller. I love Barbara's creative posts at B His Girl. And so much more....

Have you ever met your blog-friends in person? If so, which ones?

Yes, at the Free to Be Me Bloggers Retreat in Florida. An amazing group of sisters of faith. Do you really want a list? :) Remember I believe in short posts.

Who has made the biggest impact on your life?

In the blogging world? Or beyond? I can't pick just one person. :) Please don't make me.

How about some tried and true blog randomness:

Do you have a favorite scripture?

Not one favorite. Many favorites. Love the Psalms, I use them a lot on my picture blog posts. I love Isaiah 61.

What would surprise us about you?

In my wild and crazy days, I won a $100 legs contest in a nightclub. Now don't even think about looking at my legs now, almost twenty years later, things have changed. A lot.

What's your favorite flavored potato chip?

Sour Cream and Onion Lays

Favorite thing to do with your family?

Laugh first and foremost. Or share our Thankful Journals together.

What book is on your nightstand right now?

More like books plural. Thin Places by Mary DeMuth. Jesus Calling by Sarah Young. 40 Loaves by C. D. Baker. The Creative Call by Janice Elsheimer. Plus more on my floor... I love books.

Last food you ate?

Pizza and pudding and a Tootsie Pop. Yep, I did.

When was the last time you played the air guitar?
Never. I play air drums often though. Does that count? Love rhythm.

Tiffany, you didn't even mention anything about your radio show. You truly do love keeping things short and sweet, don't you? Thanks for stopping by my friend. Now, I must strongly encourage my audience to head on over to your place and see what you're up to.


LisaShaw said...

Thanks for sharing Tiffany with us today Joanne. I already know and love her. Enjoyed reading a bit more about her.

Hugs and love!

Denise said...

Enjoyed this, love Tiffany so much.

Mari said...

I've visited Tiffany and it's nice to get to know her better.

The Real Me! said...

I had the pleasure of meeting Tiffany. In fact it involved feeding each other chocolate! LOL! Wish we would have gotten video of that.
It was nice to hear more about you Tiffany!

Lauren said...

she seems wonderful - I need to go "meet" her now!! :)

christy rose said...

I know Tiffany through the blogging community. I do not know how I came in contact with her but she blesses me every time I stop to visit her or she stops by my place. She has a wonderful heart!

Alicia, The Snowflake said...

Oh I love Tiffany. She was one of the first bloggers I found. She's such a sweetie. Thanks for sharing her with us!

Barbara said...

I was fortunate to meet and hear Tiffany at the Blogger's Retreat and she speaks from the heart. Her blog is a regular stop for me..she is wonderful

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

My husband has now moved into the room to hear the moaning of whomever is in the background. Have mercy... what was that? A great time for sure; I love a good laugh and am sorry I missed that one.

Love Tiffany as well.


Tea With Tiffany said...

Elaine, I think the moaning was Marsha from Marsha's Musings as she tried to record our over tired silly moments.

Thank you all for taking time to read more about me. And thank YOU, Joanne, for loving me like Jesus. You never give up on me. You continue to stretch my faith. In a beautiful way.

Miss and love you so...

Tea With Tiffany said...

PS Loved meeting you, Kim. I need another chocolate feeding moment. Maybe someday our paths will cross again.

Lisa @ Stop and Smell the Chocolates said...

Just lovely! And that video was hilarious - it's so wonderful to have times of laughter like that! :)

Angie said...

Oh listening to y'all laughing and watching your sweet faces got me going! AND made me miss you so much!
I love my Tiffany and Joanne to pieces! Girls, can't we find a place to live---that is closer???
Ooo-I know...let's pray and ask HIM if we can!!! ;)

I love you and this was like sitting down with my favorite people!


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