Monday, July 2, 2012

Nashville Update

Well, we've survived the hottest temps in Nashville history. Impressive for us weather-pampered Californians, huh?

What's even more impressive? We're surviving in a 400 square foot hotel room - all FIVE of us. Making LOTS of family memories, that's for sure.

The kids are enjoying the hotel pool and being able to watch more TV than we've ever let them before.

Just hearing iCarly's voice sets my teeth on edge.

We had our first Sunday church service in Franklin, yesterday. One of their large churches. When a police officer is handling traffic control in and out of the church parking lot, that's usually a sign they're pretty big. Nice people. But, we're not much for light shows and mist machines. I know some people love that sort of thing, I try to enjoy those extras at Broadway shows. So, next Sunday we'll try again.

Paul and I took a nice drive into Leiper's Fork after dinner at Puckett's Grocery Store and Restaurant. The drive was beautiful. Lots of green hills and lazy creeks meandering through...what you'd expect a country drive to be. It smelled delicious outside, like warm cut grass and a light scent of flowers.  This here is a picture of two special greeters along our travels.

Our waitress, Chelsea Oren, at Puckett's last night is from our neck of the woods. An adorable country gal who served us our delecious pulled pork sliders, and fantastic sweet potatoe fries. She's a cutie pie who is working hard at country music and song writing. Make sure to click on the link and "Like" her Facebook page. She was a doll. Great talent, too!

And, if you're interested, the blackberry cobbler there was to die for! Seriously. It was slap-your-mama-good.

I'm starting to really get the hang of this country life. Paul likes to tell everyone that I dropped my first "Ya'll" yesterday afternoon while talking with a gentleman from these parts.

Oh boy, I swore I'd never compromise the King's English.

If you feel like reading more, I've included a little devotional ditty about FAITH over on my website.

Last but not least, my adorable daughter, Meghan has her very own blog now. Make sure to stop by her place and become one of her newest "Followers". She's a pretty incredible writer. (I'm biased but honest!)

I can't tell you how much it does this mama's heart good to know my little girl is doing well on the west coast. I miss her alot. Seeing pictures she's posted from our home ties my stomach in knots. Can't wait until we find a home to live in and she's out for a visit.

Must be something in a mother's DNA that wants her baby's all in one little nest.

In honor of my daughter's Music Monday's I've included a song that has held Paul and I up and encouraged us this week.


elaine @ peace for the journey said...

So do I find you here or there? Really, your blogging is starting to look like your life;)! And yes, I'll take a piece of that cobbler y'all.


Dionna Sanchez said...

Love the name of your blog. I hope you are finding many new delights in Nashville and a job on the horizon.


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