Thursday, December 6, 2012

Lonely at Christmas?

Moving to Tennessee has had it's ups and downs. The upside? Kind people. Incredible fall colors. Considerate drivers. Teenagers who say ma'am and hold open doors. A deeply rooted civil war history. A community that LOVES our US military.

The downside? The unfamiliar. Everywhere I go. Everyone I meet. Everything I see is unfamiliar. It's frustrating when I don't know the short cut when a passing train holds our car hostage, or which grocery store has the "best deals" or which neighborhoods have the prettiest Christmas lights.

Me and Jesus have had lots of quality time here. It's been so sweet. But, I admit, I'm lonely for some face-to-face friend time. Relationships are my specialty. My batteries are recharged after visits to tiny little coffee shops and long conversations with friends. Sadly, coffee shops are not a Tennessee specialty and I'm grieving my sweet Caffe Santoro's and Peet's frothy mugs of heaven.

Still, I know God is up to something. My little light of hope is flickering but not out. I refuse to let loneliness win today. I'm heading out this morning to sit in a live taping at Lifeway. Priscilla Shirer is teaching and I can't wait.

If you happen to be there too, I'll be the gal in the cute black boots talking to perfect strangers and yapping about anything and everything.

Get behind me loneliness! Me and God have a date in Nashville today.


elaine @ peace for the journey said...

Priscilla?! Oh girl, she's going to rock your world. Wish I were there with you. I'd even treat you at Starbuck's.

Call me soon; we'll drown our Christmas blues in laughter.

Love you.

Joanne@ Blessed... said...

Wish you lived closer Elaine. It would've been fun hanging out with you today!

Elizabeth M Thompson said...

You are one of the best friends on the planet. As soon as those sweet southern gals figure it out, they'll be filling your social calendar with coffee dates. I look forward to hearing about your new friends soon.


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