Friday, September 28, 2007

TGIF Everyobody!

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I am so happy it is Friday. This week was exceptionally busy for our family. I worked my second week of job training, including one evening until 3am...yikes that was hard. Much harder then it used to be. We had a football game last night and today was 'Grandparent's Day' at my son David's school. Yesterday morning I drove three hours (one-way) to be at Bev's funeral. That was emotionally tiring, so very sad. I helped this morning in Grace and Samuel's class and then did some grocery shopping. This afternoon they are both having friends over for some playtime. I am off now to clean my very MESSY house before everyone gets out of school.

For all of you moms' out there who understand what BUSY is all about, I have included a video below of Anita Renfroe sharing the words a mother uses in a 24hr period....put your feet up friends, the weekend is just about here.

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Sue Tornai said...

I am sorry for your present loss. Yesterday I went to Betty's memorial service. I know how draining grief can be on our emotions and energy.

I love your blog! the music and pics! It is an inspiring place on the Internet. Keep up the great work.


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