Tuesday, December 25, 2007


After the harried chaos of opening gifts, our family had a little devotion time together. We hung the last adore-nament on our tree and Paul read the story of the birth of Jesus, out of the book of Luke.

I shared with the children that no matter how excited they were about their gifts today, these gifts in time would lose their undivided attention. These gifts would break, would be lost and were only temporary. As much as they loved the gifts we gave them, I told them that there is one gift that can never be lost, broken or lose its joy in time, this gift is eternal.

Their father and I are grateful that they have received this amazing gift, which is their faith in Jesus Christ. This gift of faith is the only thing that we can live out in front of them and pray that they receive with as much joy as these Christmas gifts. Our prayer is that over time their love of Jesus would surpass even their love of their most precious gift found under the tree today.

On Christmas day and every day, it is our desire for them.

The legacy we wish for them to carry on to their own children one day.


Anonymous said...

AMEN...truth & wisdom!

connorcolesmom said...

I read down to all the new posts. I love that your daughter kept the youngest at bay until a decent hour. My 2 got up around 7 so excited and ran in our room yelling SANTA CAME!!!
So cute but I could hardly get my eyes open!

Chelle' said...

Love the picture. Thanks for posting it. I'm surprised to see the family dressed and not at all in PJs. This is the only day that the majority of the family remain in PJs all day... until night again.

Tomorrow will be a new day to bathe, dress, fix hair etc. The only demand we have upon our children today is to brush their teeth... SEVERAL times as they don't eat well balanced meals on Christmas.

Mari said...

Love that devotional. The things we get are often forgotten, but the first Christmas gift keeps on giving!

A Place For Ministry Wives & A Place For Me said...

I read all of your Christmas posts. What a treat to share your Christmas with you. Your family is precious!

Chelle' said...

Are changes in the works?? I like the new lay out!!

I'll email you tomorrow. THANK YOU for your email today and for taking the time to read over those copies I sent you.

oh... and are you working on your playlist? I miss your tunes.


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