Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Where's My Underwear?!?

Change is in the air. As much as I enjoyed Christmas, it is time for me to get busy and take down our decorations in the next couple of days. This winter cleaning has found its way to my blog as well. As you can tell I have changed the template.

My husband found me once again working on my blog and was a bit frustrated. In his irritation, he said he was going to start his own blog called, "". I will let you know if or when he gets it up and running.

For now, I must make this short and keep my husband happy...

Blessings, Joanne


Chelle' said...

Hey Paul! I'm in. I'll set it to RSS feed istantly!! :-)

Joanne- Love the new songs... and have to tell you that I'm amazed that you're full steam ahead on the taking down of the decorations. I'm just too tired still.

Holidays wipe me out.

My inlaws come today to celebrate with us. Maybe that will be all the Christmas I need encouraging me to take down the tree etc. :)

Fran said...

OH I LOVE IT!!! This is an awesome new look! I am glad to know that your Christmas was just wonderful! I hope your days continue to be filled with Him....through the undecorating and all the organizing that goes on! :) Thats my prayer for myself.

Love ya~

A Place For Ministry Wives & A Place For Me said...

Girl...I had a blog conversation with my husband recently, too. He was kind...but, yes, there were tears on my part. I must balance it better this year! I was convicted about it before that sweet man even said a word. :-)

Angela said...

He could probably get quite the webring started :)

I hope thaty ou had a FAB-U-LOUS Christmas and that you will be blessed with a gloriously peaceful new year!

Oh! Anvd I Love, Love, Loe, your music!!!

Laure said...

I understand. I too love the music!

Mari said...

Tell Paul he has a ready made audience for his blog!
Your new look is great and I think you have good taste in music - I always like whay you have playing.

Kim said...

Thanks for the laugh!! 2008 will be the beginning of me, making a few blog/internet changes too!

I'm with you, once Christmas has come and gone, I get into the cleaning mode!!! Look out!! lol

Mel's World said...


Hey There...don't know you, but I popped over to your blog from the Writer Interuppted Web Ring and thought I would say HEY...

Also, wanted to let you know, if your dh (dear husband) does start that new blog he may have a new appreciation for how easily this Blog thing can suck all the time in and around you...ha! ;)

Nice to meet you...will be back!

Take Care and Happy New Year,
Melissa in Mel's World


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