Saturday, January 12, 2008

My Husband is 'THE MAN'!

Yippee blog is fixed. Thanks to all my blog-galpals who filled me in on the problem. Your patience was appreciated. You can now 'comment away'!

My husband worked on it for quite a while. He sat here and worked on it before taking a shower, before watching football this afternoon and before saying "Joanne, do you think this may be an act of God?" He waited until he was finished to say that.

He is the most wonderful, loving, thoughtful, kind, caring man I know...(you are reading this aren't you Paul?!?)

I have to admit that this blog at times has caused a few ruffled feathers. I can be a poor time manger...yet, he still fixed it.

I love you cutie!


Mari said...

Paul - you are the man!

Aly said...

Double high-5's to Paul! Have a blessed weekend -- all of you!

Anonymous said...

I wish I had a geeky husband!!! >smile< LOVE YOU PAUL! C

Chelle' said...

"Myyyyy Hero!"

By the way... my blog too has been a source of, well, you know-

Still working on it all.

Rebekah said...

Tell Paul we all appreciate his efforts to fix your blog

Sue Tornai said...

Yea Paul! You are awesome! I too wish I had a geeky husband. He has other gifts. My favorite is that he likes to cook! That means I don't have to. Blessings to both of you.

Renee said...

I wondered why I couldn't leave a comment! So glad that the problem is fixxed!

Nancy said...

Aren't those husbands great guys??? Most of the time, ahem

Fran said...

Huge hugs to your hubs!!! I was thinking it was MY computer or something. I'm so glad its fixed!!! I missed being able to say sweet things about your posts!

Welcome back and I'm highly disappointed in the blogger people!


A Place For Ministry Wives/A Place For Me said...

What a man! :-)


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