Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Under the Weather...

Our family has been 'Blessed' with good health so far this year. Forty eight hours of a runny nose is all we have had to endure and that was from only one child this winter. Our close to perfect record changed this morning. Meghan had a stuffy head and sore throat, David had a sore throat and Grace said she felt fine but admitted waking up last night with a sore throat.

Sound the alarm! Mom is now in sick-mode!!! Out came the Airborne, Vitamin C tablets dropped fom the sky into their little hands. Zicam flew at the kids from all directions and all sugar is now on a lockdown!

Only Meghan really was sick enough to stay home. The others I kept home just to make sure that this flu/cold or whatever they have will not get any worse. This mom is armed and ready. My family is not going down without a fight from me.

I have included a few pictures to show you what the kids were doing this morning in my multiple roomed sick-ward.

Meghan has never once minded hanging out to read in her bedroom.

Gracie is trying to write in cursive while cuddled up in mom's bed alongside 'Princess Violet Rose', her cat.

David is finding anything he can in the house to eat. Hmmmm...I don't think he is really that sick...do you?


Chelle' said...

You tell David, "I need me a Hot Pocket!!!"

Hope everyone is on the up and up tomorrow. I know it's hard to do here with 6 inches of snow and ice anticipated overnight...

But in sunny California... land of 70 degree weather- oh that this virus is a distant memory by morning.

Have to go get on my treadmill. :0)

Jennifer said...

That blanket that Gracie is cuddled up in is the exact same pattern blanket that my Grandmother made me and I LOVE it. I also like yours done in cream colors. Mine is in bright "Grandma colors".
Is that sun I see streaming in the windows? I almost forgot what it looks like.

Mari said...

It sounds like you have everything under control. Zicam is great stuff - we pull it out at first sign of sickness too! Hope this is a short lived bug.

Fran said...

That was me today too! Except it was one child and not all 3. I'm really, really ready for Spring.
Our Winter has been crazy so I'm ready for that warm sunshine to come in and kill the nasty germs.

I hope we are all better SOON.
Take care...I hope you are filled with patience. :)


connorcolesmom said...

Man I am praying this bug gets away fast!
My hubby and I were just talking about how healthy we have been lately (minus getting pertussis in the fall)
I am thinking your David's throat was feeling much better -hehe
Oh call me so we can talk and I will tell you all the church details :)
Love ya,

Jess said...

It's everywhere! It's everywhere!
I made a point not to even go to work a few weeks ago when I had a touch of it (I usually tough it out and go anyway)- I didn't want to get my co-worker sick before her visit to her daughter's out there in CA and then, turned out, her daughter had it when she got there! It has definitely been making the rounds! Hope you stay well. :)


A Stone Gatherer said...

Yep, my week was last week. With one snow day my son made it to school 1 day last week. 2 days for cold/flu, 1 day for ear infection, a direct result of cold/flu! He's all better now though! SHUUUU!

Rebekah said...

I hope everyone is better soon. We had the sickies week before last. Now if we could just get through this ice storm so the kids could go to school.


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