Wednesday, March 5, 2008

My precious little pack rat.

I was recently at 'A Mom's Life' and Beth the hostess of that blog was asking her readers for some advice about children and chores. I left a lengthy post giving wonderful advice, expounding on my soap box of perfect mothering do's and don'ts, sharing things that have worked for us in our home.

With that comment forever stamped in the blogosphere, I remembered a picture I had taken of my daughter's mess in her bedroom.

Open mouth, insert foot.

Always wanting to be transparent, I have to share a bit of a reality check.

My daughter Grace recently had a sleepover with her adorable friend Abigail. Before they could get all tucked into her bed like a bug in a rug....

........this was just some of the contraband that I removed from her top bunk first.

It never ends never ends!


Beth said...

Ack! That's not what I wanted to hear! :)

But thanks for keeping it real. It's always nice to hear how other mothers do things and even nicer to know that even when we are doing all the right things there will still be little messes everywhere!

Becoming Me said...

Very cute! I have a four year old...she's a mess in more ways than one. LOL.

Jonatha said...

That looks like the pile I find in my daughter's bed. Ugh. She is 8 - and still a pack rat!

Anonymous said...

contraban... lol oh ya! i hear ya! we have this issue a lot, no matter how well and often we clean!

Mari said...

It does end, Joanne! It ends when they move out. Now my daughter picks up and keeps her own house so clean!

AlaneM said...

Thanks for your transparency - I need women in my life that show me their real side!
I was very blessed to check out her post & all the comments...lots of excellent advice.


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