Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Any other chickens out there?

A chicken running around with it's head cut off...pretty graphic, awfully dramatic, but the analogy fits. I am a fat and fluffy, feathered chicken this time of year.

With the year wrapping up, we have award ceremonies, open houses, and graduations galore. I thought I would show you some of my past week in pictures.

Gracie was in a hoedown. My girlfriend Kim lent us the cowgirl outfit. Gracie looked so adorable. (Samuel had his own hoedown too, I just forgot my camera for that show.)

Open house for Samuel. He is standing by his lion project. Dad helped him with this one. Dad is not the greatest creative genius in our home, and mom was sleeping off a graveyard shift. Samuel was very proud of his lion made with a box and empty toilet paper rolls.

Our church's Spring progressive dinner was at our home. We hosted the main course leg of the evening. There were about twenty of us altogether. It was lots of fun.

This is at David's spelling bee. I arrived and found my seat, as my darling son was misspelling the word "tinsel". I was so proud.

Mom and Dad at Grace's open house. Third graders are just so darn cute, aren't they?

Meghan's choir award ceremony was LONG. Bless her heart, she got an award for great solo singing performance. That girl is talented I tell ya!

Gardening anyone? In between all of the above and much that I haven't included,(like selling our truck and searching the western hemisphere for a minivan), I just had to start my veggie garden.

I mean, what would I have done with a few extra hours of time to myself?


Cheri said...

Yes, the end of the year always does get crazy busy. I love the lion project- it's really cute!

Amy said...

I hear you about the end of the year craziness - mix in your grave-yard shifts and BAM! That's crazy.

I loved the pics - your family is beautiful. I think that lion was pretty creative. Hope you stil find some time for fun during this busy time. =)

Chelle' said...

Ahhhh... the differences between public and homeschoolers. The end of the year is a sinch for us. A few more lessons. One last test. And we have been at the park for about 4 hours a day since the weather cleared.

As for you missy... grab a Starbucks and get moving. I'm certain you have somewhere to be... 10 minutes ago.


Kim said...

Oh..I LOVED seeing all of the pictures of your busy life. The kid's are SO adorable!!

If I lived closer, I'd come and help ya with that there garden. I've ALWAYS wanted one of my own!!!


Mari said...

Wow - you have been busy. I remember all those events. We don't have those any more, but others have replaced them!

Joyfull said...

Joining in with you! Running here and there, no time to post pictures though, but I loved yours!

Rebekah said...

April was my crazy month. Things have started to slow down a little. Chuck did get our garden started last week. Cant wait for that fresh corn on the cob

Shelly said...

Yes, that is for sure that the end of the year does get busy. I enjoy all the running around. With all those kids you probably have a dry erase calendar board to keep everything straight for every month. I bet that garden will be really nice when you get done with it. Can't wait to see the progression and final pictures.


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