Sunday, June 22, 2008

My heart is ready to burst!

It's times like these that I wish I were one of those amazingly descriptive fiction writers....I want to share every moment of this weekend at the She Speaks conference with all of you. It was one of the most transforming trips of my life. So get ready, I plan on talking about it ALL week long! So forgive the high school type content, capitals and smooches. I am flying on a cloud and don't want to come down just yet.

So...In the Beginning...

Our hearts full from worship to the Lord, Lysa TerKeurst's teaching on Developing a Dynamic Women's Ministry, Friday morning encouraged us in ministry. As an author now of eleven books, it was comforting to hear her speak of her first time pitching a book idea with publishers at a book convention years ago. Fifteen rejections later...did you read that ladies...FIFTEEN in one day...she encouraged us that this weekend if we were to meet with publishers, no matter what the outcome, when the Lord puts something on your heart to do, you do it.

My sister often makes fun of me for saying that I have blog friends in other states. Let me just tell you all that if and when you are able to meet any of your online friends in person it is such a joyous reunion. I would have never imagined....Getting to throw my arms around two of the most precious southern ladies ever, Angie from Laced with Grace/The Knightly News and her precious sister Aimee just tickled me pink. Those two are characters I tell ya! Are you working on your manuscript yet Angie?!?

At the bloggin reception it sounded like a gaggle of hens, laughing, hugging and clucking, running from one person to the next. This is where I found Lynn from Laced with Grace/ Spiritually Unequal Marriage....what a beautiful lady...congrats Lynn on your proposals being accepted! I met a new special friend and southern beauty...Starr from Threshold Moments and Kelly from Chatty Kelly was a darling and petite sweetheart, look for her article being published in Proverbs 31 magazine soon! I ran into Amy from Signs Miracles and Wonders, she is just a doll, plain and simple. Thanks for including my song on your site last night!

My new friend Susan from New Jersey, well what can I say, I am so proud of her, she stepped out in faith and the publishers want to see her work..Praise the Lord. She is a beauty, inside and out. (thanks for praying with me before my publisher meant so you have your blog up yet? Call me if you need a hand, I mean it!)

Last but never least..Teresa at Livin the wood roommate and southern galpal. Thanks for letting me keep you up talking your ear off every night. I know you tried to convince me that you were sleeping, but I knew better. You are beautiful and kind with a sweet and gentle spirit....I can't wait to see what the Lord does with your life. I thank God for letting me share a room with you this weekend. It was a blessing...not to mention now I am two degrees from Beth Moore! Oh...and you still can't convince me that I'm a Yankee. I sure hope you've gotten me a backstage pass to have dinner with your groupies, oops, I mean group of friends from church. Would you please try and make the menu fried chicken or meatloaf the next time I swing by Nashville?

I did get to sit under blogging classes with some of the big names like Sophie with Boomama and Melanie from Big Mama...and last but not least Melanie with Rocks in your dryer. It was so strange seeing a blog walk around with two arms and two legs. They were so sweet, but a bit uncomfortable with all of the attention they received from their bloggin fans. And yes, they were entertaining. As much fun as it was to see them, they paled in comparison to the girls above.

So, I am already praying for you ladies out there that weren't able to make it this year. I am praying for financial provision and creative ideas. Angie sold furniture to help pay for her trip. It's lemonade stand season..get your kids out there working for ya...

I want to throw my arms around you next year!

****Click on Angie's link above to see her slide show.I'll post pictures later this week.****


connorcolesmom said...

I am so glad you had fun
I was praying for you all weekend :)
I look forward to seeing the pics and hearing more about it!
Much love

Starr said...

Hey Girl!!! I Love your blog. I need to get some "tech" tips from you. You will be proud of me. I am going to polish and submit an article TODAY!! I credit you for your encouraging words to inspire me. This ole' southern girl is no longer scared of rejection! Thanks for your comment on my blog. Hope to talk to you soon. Glad God placed you in my life
Love and Blessings,

Lynn said...


I love you so much. I life-long friendship... No an eternal friendship was formed in these few days that I will treasure in my heart forever.

I can't even come up with words right now to describe this whole experience and how BIG and Great and Awesome and Amazing is our God.

Love and hugs, Lynn

Paula (SweetPea) said...

Wonderful. I'm even more envious. I'll be there next year, God willing. The only reason I didn't go this year is it was sold out before I ever knew about it. I don't even know the cost but that definitely will not stop me.

Thanks for sharing.

Teresa said...

Hi sweet yankee friend. I loved, loved, loved the message you left for me on the bathroom mirror!!!

I'm researching a way to ship you some rolls (I hope your hubby enjoyed his special shipment) and I can certainly hook you up with some fried chicken & sweet tea if you're ever in the area.

I'm so excited for you and all the opportunities that lie ahead. God did a great thing bringing you into my life.

Also, I'll tell Travis to tell Beth that you said hello. : )

Mari said...

I'm so glad you had fun - I knew it would be a blessed weekend! What fun to met up with some of your blogging friends. I'll be waiting to hear more...

Aly said...

Welcome home, sweet friend!!!!!!! I can't wait to HEAR all about it over some iced tea on the patio. My heart is doing sommersaults for you ~ PRAISE GOD FOR ALL HIS BLESSINGS!!!!

Amy said...

You look fabulous! I am so happy that you enjoyed the experience. I look forward to hearing more! Do you feel like a celebrity? It sounds like a wonderful time.

A Stone Gatherer said...

So glad you had such an awesome spiritual filled, girlfriend time! Can't wait to benefit from your experience!

Tammy said...

so glad to know you had an awesome trip..can't wait to hear more.


Genny said...

Sounds so fun! I can't wait to read more about it!

Jess said...

I am so glad you had the opportunity to make the conference. And glad to hear that it was just as an amazing experience as you had hoped it would be. And glad you're back. :)


Gina@Chats With An "Old Lady" said...

It looks like it was all wonderful!
I'm glad you're home! I wish I could have gone!
I'm glad you were so encouraged!

Angie said...

I have laughed at this and cried. AND at the first one with the FOOD pictures! You funny crazy true SOUTHERN GIRL ---all the way ya'll!
You are the best---super-duper sweet girl. I tell you what, my mother will adopt you no problem and you can be a sister to Aimee and me. AND we will send you a big 'ole country INVITE to the annual Sister's Retreat...girl, if you think you had a good time in NC...just wait till we take you to North Georgia! Woooo Eeeeee! (We Florida Girls like to go to Georgia to a special B&B--where we sing our hearts out, praise the Lord, eat sweet treats...and shop a bit!) Go ahead and book a plane ticket and we'll set up an adoption appointment!
I love you girl and MISS you!!!

Jennifer said...

I am so jealous, words can't describe. It sounds wonderful!


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