Sunday, June 22, 2008

Children for sale!

My four little chickadees are now home for the summer. I used to think that with my children out of diapers, not needing to be put down for naps, and with the added blessing of not worrying about leaving chokable items in their reach, my tough parenting days were behind me.

Not a chance.

I have included for your reading enjoyment, a quick dialogue between myself and my youngest two children. To set the scene you must know that I was in the middle of trying to prepare query letters for my trip to the She Speaks conference. Before I had come into the office the children had wanted nothing to do with me.

But the moment I am needing a teensy weensy bit of time to accomplish something....

Just know that they walked into the office every single time that they asked a new question!

Samuel : Mom, can we go outside?

Me: Sure.

Grace: Mom, can we get our soccer uniforms on?

Me: Sure.

Grace: Mom, can we get our soccer uniforms on and then walk down to the end of the court with the ball?

Me: Sure.

Samuel: Mom, can I play video games?

Me: No.

Grace: Mom, can we have a snack?

Me: No, you can go outside and play.

Samuel: Can I go over to Eric's house to play?

Me: Are you going over to play video games?

Samuel: Yes.

Me: No.

Grace: Mom, can I watch TV?

Me: No.

Grace and Samuel: Can we make a sandwich for lunch?

Me: Sure.

Grace: Can we go swimming?

Me: Yes.

Samuel: Marcel Marceau walks in without saying a word, as our eyes meet, with a questioning look, and a tiny crooked grin, he begins silently motioning with his two thumbs as if he were playing a video game...


Anyone needing a mime for their next birthday party...let me know...


Lill said...

What a great blog! I added you to my Blogging Buddies....I will be back. I have one daughter---but I will tell you that she seems like 4 children sometimes...I read the dialogue and I think I have had that entire conversation with her!!

Mari said...

That is so typical. All the moms out there are laughing with you!

Bernadine said...

lol, I'm not a mom, but as an aunt and godmother many times over I can so relate.


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