Saturday, August 16, 2008

Then Sings My Soul Saturday - Grandma Style!

My grandma is spending the weekend with us! We picked her up from the train station yesterday. In honor of her visit, I thought I would include a song that reminded me of her.

Spanish Eyes, was one that I heard a lot while growing up. ...and uh, no, my grandma is not Spanish. Actually she's Yugoslavian, well, since there is no Yugoslavia, I guess I should say, she's Croatian. My grandpa wasn't Spanish either. He was 100% Italian. My grandpa played the saxophone for a band called The Treble Makers. You could always find my grandma with him every weekend, dancing with many of her friends while my grandpa played on stage.

At 87 years old, she is still trying to dance her way through life. My Aunt Cathy recently sent me a video of her doing the robot. TOO FUNNY!

So now you know, Spanish Eyes, speaks to my heart, for no Spanish reason at all...the song New York New York gets our whole family up and dancing too, and I have never set my foot on New York soil in my life!

We are an odd bunch, aren't we?!?


Cheryl said...


Have a great time with your grandmother!

Thanks for sharing!


Peggy said...

Ohhh Joanne...look at that young baby look...and singing Spanish Spanish eyes...I can remember my uncle(my favorite aunt's husband) singing this with me when they took me to eyes were very blue...and most Mexicans are very brown...Enjoy the sweet weekend with your grandma...dancing the night away! gets you in trouble! Even Italians!
But especially Croatians! Love this!

Please come to my TSMSS and get the two surprises, I've had to give you
Blessings Friendship & Sharing the Love still...

Mari said...

Your Grandma sounds like a lot of fun. Have a good weekend with her!

Mocha with Linda said...

What fun memories for you! Enjoyed the peek of your past!!

Have a fun weekend!

Anonymous said...

Hooray for your grandmother. My grandmother, Rosa, did have Spanish eyes--she was Cuban with Spanish parents. So was my grandfather! She was very loving, the quintessential grandmotherly type. My sibs and I were blessed, because we wound up with two mothers instead of one, since my grandparents lived with my parents and us in a large extended family.
love in Christ,

A Stone Gatherer said...

You may be an odd bunch, but it sounds like you have alot of fun together!

a portland granny said...

What a blessing that you still have your grandmother...and how wonderful for your children to know her. I know you will have a blessed time with her and she will be thrilled to spend the time with you!

She sounds like a vibrant , very fun lady. Good for her!

Enjoy your time together!! There is nothing like family!!



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