Monday, February 23, 2009

Are you too busy?

Are you too busy? I know, what a silly question. I am working hard on my my book on busyness for moms, so I thought I'd include some clues that were eye openers for me.

Top Ten Clues That I Was Too Busy...

1. My gas tank was forever on empty.

2. My kids thought all meals came with a side of fries.

3. We celebrated birthdays on the soccer field.

4. There was something horrible growing in my shower.

5. I was irritable...all...the...time.

6. A romantic night out was listening to our kids grammar school band perform Chop Sticks.

7. Quantity time had replaced quality time.

8. Chaos had become my closest companion.

9. I believed singing Jesus Take the Wheel on the way to a Girl Scout Meeting counted as my Bible study for the week.

10. I blinked and my daughter was seventeen.


Joanne@ Blessed... said...
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LisaShaw said...

Hey Joanne, thanks for sharing. I found this so interesting because on my Speak on it blog I shared something about being too busy today.

I can so relate to your last one. I blinked and had a daughter in her twenties and blinked again and had two precious baby granddaughters from her and blinked again and have a teenage daughter who had two more years before college then I really BLINKED and I was 43!! O boy!!

Bless you my new friend. I grabbed your beautiful graphic header for my side bar.

DevotedWife said...

#9 is hilarious.......I love that song.


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