Monday, March 21, 2011

Is Your Site a Resource or a Me-source?

I was chit-chatting on the phone today with a blogger friend. Lynnette's site is a wonderful resource for those moms in need of a little comic-relief, a tender place to land for those who have lost a child and a spot on the web to win lots of cool giveaway stuff.

Lynnette has a very successful blog. I believe it's because she is a very giving blogger. She gives of her Internet space and encourages others to do the same. I receive emails each week from people who want to know how to create a blog readership. After talking with Lynnette, it got me to thinking, is my blog a resource or a me-source?

What about your site? Is your blog all about you? Or, is it a place where people can go to learn or grow in some way or another?

If you're looking to create a blog that's more of a resource, here are a few tips:

  • Blog about other bloggers. When you share the Internet spotlight, it helps create relationships between others. I make sure to help out every author I know. Who can you shine some light on?
  • Include links back to articles or webistes besides your own. Let's face it, you're not the end all to be all. Hope that didn't smart, but it's the truth. Make sure to point your readers to helpful articles, tips, or websites that have inspired you.
  • How does this help me? Each reader wants to leave with some take-away. When you write a blog post, remember to ask yourself this question, because it's the very question your readers will be asking themselves when they arrive and when they leave.
  • Create a resource list. Whatever your blog-flavor, gather and create a list on your sidebar of sites that speak directly to whatever it is you blog about. This way, your blog will be the resource where other bloggers visit to find links in one place.

Some bloggers ooze daily comedic-wit and charm,  - while other bloggers inspire, or create works of art in their home with a toothpick, a stick of gum, and a piece of twine.

I don't share all of those talents.

But, what I do share is a voice that loves to share her love of God, enjoys being transparent about her journey to authorship and about raising her brood of four. To sum it up, I love to encourage women-one heart at a time.

So, I've created an author-page over on Facebook that is chock-full of articles and tips on parenting. Click on my sidebar to Like the page and follow along. Or, if you're the Twitter-type, and you're not following me arleady, click on my Twitter  button with the cute lil' bird, to learn more about parenting and writing for publication.

I think you'll be proud of me. I'm becoming much more of a resource and much less of a me-source.


karendalycook said...

You are a great resource and I am constantly learning from you. Thanks for all you do to share what you know and encourage those of us just getting started.

Traci Michele said...

Great advice! I need to create a resource link up in my sidebar! Great tip!

Love Lynette!

Traci @ Ordinary Inspirations

Lynnette Kraft said...

I enjoyed talking to you so much today. You were very bubbly and easy to talk to. Good thing since I was nervous. :) ha!

Your encouragement in this post just blessed me so much. Thank you!

I'm looking so forward to reading your book! And SOOO happy for you.

Let's talk again! That was fun! I'll try to let you go before an hour and a half next time! Time flies when you're having fun!


BARBIE said...

Great information. Love your blog and Lynnette's!

Kyle Kraft said...

Resource vs me source, great post! You have a great community spirit.

Thank you for talking to Lynnette. It would be an understatement to say she was inspired.

I prayed that you book and blog would be a success! Blessings.

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

Mercy... I don't know what kind of a source I am. I've talked so much about myself lately, I'd probably fall into the me-source category. I do hope at the end of the day, my blog is also a God-source... a place of rest and peace for the journey.

Oh the bother of it all... now yet another thing I have to worry about:) Way to go and add to my already growing list of "things I should be doing" but haven't considered to date. Friends are like that, you know.

Love you.


B His Girl said...

Hmmm. Interesting thoughts. I love to encourage also. I don't want to sing the me me me me song. B

Warren Baldwin said...

Good post. Very practical and thoughtful. I like your emphasis on thinking about others and engaging with other blogs.

I am running a series of guest posts now (on Family Fountain) on marriage. New one posts every Sunday. Will keep running all year as long as I have writers. Take a look at them, and if you like the idea, feel free to send one in. And, you can mention your upcoming book.

Oh, I clicked on the fb link above and it took me ot fb, but not your page.

Karen said...

I believe the Lord wanted me to start blogging to reach women for Him, one at a time. But I sometimes get sucked into the blog hop thing, telling myself someone will find Him at my site who wouldn't normally visit. Then I'm obliged to visit lots of sites that leave me feeling empty. Is that the way getting your name out there works in blogging?
I know that good content is the primary way to get readers. And I like your idea of putting the resource of blogs I like on the sidebar. Would also be WAY better than all the buttons I have there now! Thanks for the post, Joanne. blessings on your day.


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